6 Jun 2009

Movie Madness: Terminator Salvation

I don't get what people are griping about with this movie?! It's perfectly grand for a Terminator movie!

What? So there's not enough John Connor? It's more about Marcus Wright? I thought that was good insight into what it means to be human! Besides, did they expect the world would just bow down to Connor from the very beginning of the Resistance after Judgement Day as the "Saviour of Humanity"? Just because he's been told from birth that he's going to save the human race doesn't mean the higher-ups are going to believe him! Particularly not those in the military accustomed to leading... no way would they take orders from some civvie straight off the bat! Also, it's dangerous centering your story around the Messiah-figure, boring!!! It's much more interesting to see the people around him, how he influences/inspires them to get the best out of them.

So hey, this is definitely a summer film, with enough substance hidden beneath the special effects to make my mind crank into a higher gear, and enough of a "wow" factor to keep the adrenaline pumping and me on the seat of my pants for most of the film. Loved the first appearance of the T-800!!! Isn't it great what they can do with computers now?! 'Twas like taking a peek back into the first film... a great way to guarantee a familiar face! ;o) And yes, soooooo much better than T3!!! Also, really enjoyed the portrayals by Christian Bale (can't wait for Public Enemies later this summer!) and Sam Worthington (I want to see more of him!).

For another (amusing) take on this film, check out Nathaniel over at The Film Experience who's got a great video review up if you care to see it! Click here (also talks about the earlier films in the franchise).

Enjoyed hearing the old iconic phrases, even if dubbed I definitely recognised the moments "follow me if you want to live", "I'll be back" etc...

Once again I wish I had seen it in English... would have loved to hear Sarah Connor's voice!

The one thing I don't get, an error in continuity... why is Skynet after Kyle Reese?! This teenage kid of no importance whatsover, totally off the grid... no one is supposed to know his role in future / past events, John Connor surely wouldn't have told anyone (other than his wife) in order to protect the timeline. There is no reason for Skynet to have him at the top of a target list! Oh well, one little detail to quibble with, no biggie! :p

*sigh* now this is over, I'm going to be missing Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles even more! Stupid Fox for not realising they could have taken advantage of this film to garner more viewers for their show! Precisely when it was leaping forward to a similar time frame! Would have been interesting to compare the two visions of this future...


  1. CrazyCris: Hello and thank you for checking out Frogtown! If you figure out what my site is about, please tell me!

  2. Anonymous6/6/09 22:51

    Oh gosh, you know I'm a HUGE Terminator fan! No English theatres around here, so I'll have to wait for the DVD. Can't wait!!!

    PS: Hellboy is on tv tonight! I'll be able to see Guillermo's work!!

  3. hey Rain! Tell me what you think about Hellboy, I haven't seen it yet! gulp!

    No English theatres?! Where are you???

  4. Anonymous6/6/09 23:59

    LOL, I'm on the edge of insanity, ha ha! I live in rural French Quebec and the closest English movie theatre is a 90 minute drive away! That would be either driving to Vermont, or back to the suburbs of Montreal - not worth the gas expense! That's one of the reasons why I'm anxious to move because even though I'm bilingual, I'm really missing the English services around here!

  5. ahhh... I was surprised that they don't do original version films in french Canada, but I guess if you're in a isolated rural area that explains it.

    I didn't know there was enough of a demand for there to be a dubbing industry there! Or do they get the dubbed versions from France?

  6. Anonymous7/6/09 01:00

    It depends on the area, I live more East in Quebec, so the demand is much lower, the English population is concentrated around Montreal and another city further South called Gatineau. Actually the next town only has one theater and they mostly show Quebec films, they're not big on the American blockbusters in this area, to my loss because I am!!

  7. I feel your pain! I've had to accept the fact that so long as I remain in Spain and not in one of the major cities... I'm doomed to dubbing! :s

    But much as I enjoy the blockbusters, I wish we had a bit more variety on-screen here! Some of those Quebec films perhaps?

    i had it pretty good in Belgium for that. Lived 5' away (walking) from a commercial cinema (dubbed to French) and an independant cinema (all VO). So I had quite a wide selection of films! And if I really wanted to see a commercial film in English, then I could just hop on the train and spend the day in Brussels, Leuven or Maastricht, or convince a friend (with a car) to go to the town right across the Flemish border (20' drive) for a session in VO!

  8. Anonymous7/6/09 01:20

    Oh some of the Quebec films are REALLY good. I remember one called Saints-Martyrs-des-Damnés, it was SO SCARY. I HATE dubbed films! I'd rather try to watch them all in French or as a last resort, use subtitles. Same with other international films, subtitles only and if I have to watch them more than once, that's okay!

    I didn't really think it through when I moved here, for the English that is...the nature is gorgeous, but I need more of a balance!

  9. Yeah, some day I'll find the time to put out a decent post on how I HATE dubbing! :s Even when well done (and Spain has a good dubbing industry) the movie still loses a lot...

    Well I guess if you get a chance you could move a bit closer to the English speaking zone... stay with the gorgeous nature but reduce the distance to that cinema you mentioned to 20' instead of 40'! ;o)

  10. Anonymous7/6/09 15:13

    Hi Cris! That's my plan actually. I'm leaving Quebec to move to Prince Edward Island, which is an English province. It's right on the Atlantic ocean and it's such a small province that you are only an hour drive from any of the bigger cities and towns, so rural living is possible! My original plan is to leave here at the end of September, but I haven't decided on it 100% yet, for the dates that is, the move is DEFINITE!

  11. Anonymous7/6/09 15:14

    Oh, and I taped Hellboy, wasn't in the mood for it last night, but I'll let you know when I watch it!

  12. Ahhhh P.E.I., famous for Anne of Green Gables! ;o)
    I've heard it's a beautiful province that I'd love to visit, but won't you miss the mountains?

    Hmmm, perhaps I should rent Hellboy (after WOD blogging is done) and we can compare notes?

  13. Anonymous7/6/09 16:02

    Hi Cris! yes, let me know when you plan to rent it and I'll make sure I watch it too! Fun!

    PEI is gorgeous. I will definitely miss the mountains, but I won't miss Quebec. Not just for the language barrier, but I have bad memories here and I really need to move on. I don't know that I'll settle on PEI, but I'd like to spend some time by the ocean!

  14. Will do! I'll head over to the video club some day this week and check it out! ;o)

    Odd, I had a lovely visit in Quebec when I was there... but a kid and tourist not the same thing. It's sad how a bad experience can sour your memories of a place. It's happened to me too...

  15. Anonymous7/6/09 17:05

    Yes, tourists are treated very well here for the most part! My experience has everything to do with my life, and the need to completely leave it behind. I've done almost everything else by disowning the family, legally changing my name and moving very far from Montreal, but I still feel trapped here, too close to them still! Well, there are mountains in many other provinces! Life is a lovely journey and I plan to relish every moment!

    Where did you visit in Quebec?

  16. Well Québec city for several days, beautiful! And I remember going to pick strawberries in a field somewhere. And a church on an island? Sainte Marie or Sainte Anne de Beaupré could it be? 'twas in '88 after a couple of weeks between Florida, DC, and New England so it's all a bit foggy.

    I've been dying ot go back to the region to go to the mouth of the Saguenay and see the belugas... :o)

  17. Anonymous7/6/09 19:36

    Hi Cris! Quebec city is beautiful especially the old part, so much history there, and the architecture, oh! Old Montreal is like that too, cobble stone roads and lots of gargoyles and heavy stone buildings. Oh the belugas!!! I've never been to Saguenay, but I did see minkes, humpbacks and pilots when I visited Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. That's where I got my little whale necklace! I loved it, it was spectacular!

  18. Oooh, that reminds of my trip to Boston 3 years ago when I finally saw Humpbacks for the first time in my life! Was WONDERFUL!!! I've seen minkes (what little you can see of them as they barely peek out of the water) and plenty of of pilot whales in Murcia and in the Canaries... they're very abundant in this part of the world! :o)

  19. Anonymous8/6/09 03:47

    The first time I saw whales, I was astounded at their size, then impressed totally because they are not aggressive or evil creatures. Next summer (2010), one of my goals is to kayak in the Bay Of Fundy amongst the whales. In 2002, I tried, but totally chickened out!

  20. Oooh! Let me start saving up and I'll join you! :o)


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