11 Apr 2009

TV Addiction: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

So Season 2 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has come to an end... after two amazing and shocking almost final episodes (what a death scene! so abrupt, so harrowing, so real!) with an awesome finale that ups the ante and raises a ton of other questions in the "wtf?!" department and the "how the hell are they going to pull that off?!" or "where the *&* are they going with this?!" and "please, please, PLEASE network powers that be, bring us season 3 asap!!!"

I want to know how they're going to bridge two different time periods. I want to know if "they" will be reunited (vague, trying to avoid spoilers). I want to see John grow into the man we know he can be. I want to know which Cameron (or is it Allison?) we saw at the end. I want to know if "it" is good or bad, can "it" be trusted? I WANT A SEASON 3!!! I want to continue seeing how glimpses of past and future we caught in previous episodes tie-in together (the whole thing relating to the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter episodes was great!). I want to see how John reacts to an un-known environment. I want, I want, I want... geez, I sound like a kid before a birthday! :p
It's been such an excellent show (there's a very good summary of the most impt s2 plot points at io9), not as good as BSG, but a good second placing. With relatable characters wonderfully brought to life by some very talented actors. Some very intelligent and often moving stories, thought-provoking questions about the role of technology in our lives. And the kick-ass action whenever Cameron came head to head with another Terminator! So if the people in charge have any modicum of taste and intelligence, we'll get our season 3. :o)
And I must say, if for some sad, mysterious reason (*cough* ratings *cough*) this is indeed the end of the series... well then although it leaves you starving for more, in a sense it could be left as is. It's not incomplete, although it isn't quite complete. Does that make any sense? I can't say more without spoiling it, but am more than willing to to reply in more detail to any comments that you might want to make! ;o)


  1. Do you watch all this US TV dubbed into Spanish or are you buying DVDs? You watch even more than me!

  2. hehehe... a friend of mine here and I call ourselves "serieadictas" a.k.a. series-addicts! :p I think long and hard before starting I new one (be it a TV series or a book series) because I know I'm a sucker and get easily hooked. Although I must admit it's been easier than usual with the high quality series come out of the States these past couple of years! :o)

    Thanks to cable I actually no longer have to watch things dubbed. My remote control has a nifty little yellow button that switches the sound to the original version. The only thing missing is a subtitles option (so I can convince my friends to watch VO with me; or for me if the VO is in a language other than English or French). Spain is very fond of series so we get pretty much everything, albeit sometimes a bit delayed. I also frequent amazon a lot a pick up my favourites (but only if I know I'll be watching them over and over again, or loaning them to friends). And then I sometimes watch them online if I can't get them on TV.

    Hope you've got some of this lovely sun currently shining on the Med over in Madrid! ;o)

  3. I missed this one. May have to check it out on Netflix or ITunes. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. If you enjoy intelligent series with a good dose of action and some damn fine actors, then yes! To be checked out! ;o)


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