27 Sep 2012

Ridley Scott in Alicante? OMG! OMG! OMG!


Apparently Ridley Scott is in town!!! Filming scenes for his new movie "The Counselor" (with Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz). Pe was spotted arriving today...

And supposedly they're taking over the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and the Explanada tomorrow!!!


What's a girl to do???

Let me think....

Me thinks me will be spending many hours hanging around there tomorrow with camera at the ready... Did you expect anything less of me? ;o)

I wonder if they need a crazy redhead in any of the background shots.... :p

24 Sep 2012

A Nocturnal Underwater Escapade (with Octopi!)

Is that a collective sigh of relief I hear? "She's finally showing us the night dive!" Well, yes in fact, I am! Sorry it took me so long... busy, busy, busy! And yes, part of the excuse is more diving! Plus there's the fact that although editing video clips with iMovie is fairly straightforward, it takes an awful lot of time! :p

Enough bla-bla-bla! You guys are here to see the Mediterranean come to life AT NIGHT!!! Today's dive program: a visit to "Las Piedras", a dive spot just outside the marine reserve of Tabarca (island in front of Alicante). It's a sweet spot because it's basically just like inside the reserve, but you don't need to ask for permits to dive there! Plus it's not deep (max 15m so ~49ft) so you can enjoy a nice long dive without having to worry about running out of air or entering deco. The name pretty much says it all: "Las Piedras" = "The Rocks". There are several huge rocks just sitting in the middle of a lush Posidonia oceanica prairie, and they serve as a home to a denizen of aquatic critters and plant-life. Some you'll spot easy enough during the day... but others only come out to play at night! ;o)

Ok, first off a reminder of what Posidonia oceanica looks like:

You guys do remember that P.oceanica is a seagrass and not algae, right? If not click here for a marine biology refresher. ASAP! We'll wait for you...