29 Nov 2009

Movie Madness: The Cove



What can I say, these guys sure know how to get their message out, albeit in a highly manipulative-tug-on-the-heartstrings kind of way.

28 Nov 2009

Movie Magic: Le Concert

I think this is my favourite movie of the year so far.

I walked out of the cinema with tears in my eyes and yet feeling completely zen. A Franco-Russian musical fairy tale. :o)

15 Nov 2009

What's up this weekend?

Running around with this little girl (whom everyone is following in love with wherever we go!):

(plus her parents)


My 3-month old niece... first of the next gen on my mom's side. My "little" (26 today!) cousin's daughter. The three of them have come up for a long weekend and we're wandering around Belgium and Holland.


9 Nov 2009

TV Addiction: remembering Firefly

I just came across a great post on the realtvaddict.com about Firefly and it made me feel all nostlagic! Now I want to pull out my dvd set and watch it... except it's in Spain and I'm in Belgium! :o(
So I had to settle for forwarding the post to my Dad saying "read this and then go look for my dvd set and WATCH IT!"

6 Nov 2009

Fishy Fridays ep. 7

Time to peek into our last "temperate" seawater tank at the Liège Aquarium and see who's there... ready for a swim? ;o)

These guys are all pretty much Mediterranean inhabitants, and I've run into all of them on more than one occasion when I've gone through the effort of squeezing myself into a wetsuit and jumping into the water. How about I introduce you to them one by one?

4 Nov 2009

Monthly Reading: October'09

Quite a few loans this month (some of which I haven't finished yet)... it's nice to be around other people with similar literary tastes so I can discover new material or fulfil a guilty pleasure. ;o)

So here's what was on my night stand this month: The Seven Daughters of Eve, The Private Patient and The Constant Princess.

1 Nov 2009

Missing Mexico

Have I ever mentioned I lived in Mexico once upon a time? No? My bad! When I left there I felt more Mexican than either Spanish or American, and I sure sounded like one when I arrived in Spain! Not surprising since I lived in the country for 9 years, from the ages of 10 to 19... 2 years in Chiapas and 7 years in the D.F.. I've lost the accent (but some of it comes back whenever I talk with Latin-Americans) but some of the vocabulary is still there.

I miss my friends and reminded of them at pretty random times (and almost always around their birthdays), but when it comes to our life in Mexico I actually miss it most now around Halloween and then in January-February (we used to go see Swan Lake... on a lake! once a year then). Why now? Today is "Todo Santos" and tomorow is "El Día de los Muertos", big, BIG holidays in Mexico. I miss the ambiance, and I miss the food, particularly the "pan del muerto" (above, photo from Wikipedia) only baked for this occasion... I miss going to see Don Juan Tenorio, a 19th century Spanish play (a version of Don Juan) that several theatres would put on every year at this time. We went several times to see it in an "open air theatre", I think it was in the courtyard of an old convent? Very appropriate for the "mood". And in the intermission they served spiced hot cider... yum!

Good times. :o)

Monthly Movies: October'09

Woah! A whole month without going to the movies?! OUCH! That's how long between the last film I saw in September and the Ugly Truth which I saw with my dad, sister and cousin last weekend in Alicante... scary! I couldn't let the month go by with a Rom-Com having been my only cinematic outing, not when there were so many I'd wanted to see and had missed due to lack of time (or last-minute motivation), so I purposely stayed downtown later today to catch another one! ;o)

And yet... it kept having mixed feelings throughout the movie, kept asking myself how could I be enjoying this so much if there were so many elements that kept getting on my nerves?! Meryl Streep is splendid, but that voice! Argh! Like nails on a chalk board!!! Although I'm told by my Dad (who has yet to see it and will probably be stuck seeing it in Spanish, poor fellow! I so love Les Grignoux and their passion for subtitles!) that it probably sounds quite a bit like the real McCoy. And much as I admired Julie Powell's endeavour (and Amy Adams wonderful portrayal of her), she really got on my nerves! She's right, her husband is a saint!
I'm sure many people will identify with different elements in the film, my moment was when Julia and her husband are talking about "going home" and she asks where that is and he answers "home is where we live". That is so me and my life...
Speaking of her husband, Stanley Tucci complemented Meryl Streep really well, they made such a great couple it kind of reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada. :p

The Ugly Truth
Very predictable (as usual for so many romantic comedies) but quite funny! There were several moment's when Heigl's "dumb blonde" act were a bit tiresome though... And Gerard Butler was yummy! (except when he was being too despicable) ;o)