25 Jan 2011

Project 365 - 25

a friendly couch to crash on after hours of flying between New Zealand and Paris

24 Jan 2011

16 Jan 2011

Project 365 - 16

Phonebooth in Dunedin, NZ.

Project 365

One of my readers (whom I follow as well!) posted a comment the other day mentioning she was going to do "Project 365" this year. In other words she's going to post a photo taken each day of the year. Now that sounds like a fabulous idea to me! So I'm going to do it too! I'll post them here with a short caption and nothing more, hopefully the photos will speak for themselves ("a picture is worth a thousand words and all that"). Of course I might have to back-date some of them since I might not be able to get online each day... and I'm curious to see what kind of photos I come up with once I'm back in my normal routine in Spain (whatever that is).

You might guess that all the January photos will be from New Zealand! ;o) I've been setting them aside in a special folder, but am having internet access problems here in the South Island so haven't been able to upload them yet... This also means I'm not being able to blog regularly about the trip from CrisCrossing the Globe which is really frustrating!!! I've got several posts almost ready on my computer (have been jotting down notes in a notebook while out and about), I need to find time to get my laptop to a place with decent WiFi and get some more posts out! Hiking on New Years? Climbing a few volcanoes? Kiwi Spotting? Bird watching? So much to blog about, so little time...

I hope 2011 is starting out well for everyone! I'm having a blast in New Zealand (and am exhausted!) and wishing I wasn't leaving in a week's time...

14 Jan 2011

10 Jan 2011

9 Jan 2011

Project 365 - 9

wonderful encounter: Fiordland-Crested Penguin, Milford Sound, NZ.

and just because he was so special (rare viewing of an endangered penguin species, that was supposed to be out to sea already!)... he gets an extra photo! ;o)

4 Jan 2011


How has your year started out? I started 2011 doing the 20km Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand! Am still putting the post together for the other blog, but I wanted to take advantage of a little internet time to share this:

I set my cellphone alarm for noon, a.k.a. midnight in Europe, so New Year for most of my family and friends.

Jan 1st 2011, above Red Crater, at highest point in the Tongariro Crossing, NZ

Hope 2011 is starting out well for you! :o)

Project 365 - 4

shells, waves and sister. East Coast, NZ