29 Apr 2013

Snapshots from a Somerset weekend

Just wanted to share a few moments with you from my fabulous weekend visiting with US cousins in Somerset... My life is so hectic at the moment who knows when I'll be able to do a proper post!

So these are all taken with my iPhone (I'm writing this while on the train, will post it next time I get wifi access). Photos are (I can't write in between them when posting from phone):
  • In Montacute House with my cousins Mary and Kristy waiting for the wedding.
  • The church in Montacute where the religious service took place.
  • Visiting the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey.
  • Goofing off (unavoidable!).
  • Saying goodbye to our National Trust owned Stembridge Cottage and Windmill (our lodgings for the weekend).
  • Hanging out with Queen Bess in St Mary Redcliff church in Bristol. Plus views of the church in and out. One of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen!
  • And me and Pol saying goodbye to Bristol as I write this on the airport shuttle... which has WiFi!!!

26 Apr 2013

On the road again!

I can't seem to stay put! I'm off for another long weekend, once again to a wedding! This time destination UK, and I'm not really going for the wedding, but to meet some friends-relatives from the US who are there for the wedding!

Confused yet? How 'bout this: these friends are almost relatives! Almost??? Well, they are my aunt's (as in my uncle's wife) sister Mary and niece Kristy! But Kristy and I have so much in common we've decided there must be a genetic connection in there somewhere (we're both redheads after all!), other than both us simply being cousins of our cousin James! :p

Oh, and we've never met in person, just on Facebook! I did meet her mom in Paris two years ago when I had a 2-day layover on my return from New Zealand! My aunt told me several of her siblings would be un Paris at the same time as me and I should try hooking up with them. Which resulted in a lovely afternoon and evening and a new friendship with Mary on FB! And a short while later with her daughter Kristy after frequently replying to each other's comments on Mary's FB wall :p

Now we get to meet in person for the first time and I'm really excited! It's also the first time I meet up in person with someone who had previously just been a cyberfriend (FB, blog etc...). When people look at me funny when I talk about someone as a "Facebook" or "Blogging" friend I try to explain that it's pretty much the equivalent of "pen pals" of old, but better 'cause the response time is shorter and we have the added benefit of sharing photos/videos/links... I love the Internet and social networking!!! :o)

I'm off! Hopefully my extremely hectic work schedule will lighten up soon and I'll be able to do some more regular blogging...