26 Jan 2014

Water and rocks, a relaxing Sunday walk

Slowly things are getting back to normal, whatever that is! My mom is steadily getting better, I'm catching up little by little on all the stuff I'm behind on, and I finally hit the trails again last week and went hiking! That post will have to wait a bit 'cause I need more time to edit the photos and do some research on the really cool 300-400 year old dam we saw (and climbed)! ;o)

This morning was truly gorgeous. 18ÂșC, nice warm sun (but chilly breeze). Perfect to go for a stroll along the Cabo and breathe in the sea! 

Clambering up and down the rocks to get close to the water...

Examining the rock face for fossils,

4 Jan 2014

Fear, come and... gone?

So I haven't really written anything in over two months, have I? Well, in a way I did. This post got put together in bits and pieces during that time. Some writing, lots of deleting. Trouble finding the right words. Avoidance of a difficult topic... Lots of writing done elsewhere and not wishing to repeat it (which was the main reason for said writing in the first place, to avoid the painful repetition of the information it contained orally to a thousand and one people with constant questions).