25 Oct 2015

9 months of silence... and so much to tell!

Has it really been 9 months since I shared the wonderful news of my "sister's" kidney? How on earth has that happened? Where did the time go? And why didn't I write about it??? 

9 months... I could have had a baby and not said a word (although I promise if that happens I will definitely NOT be quiet about it! :p ).

The only thing I can say is work, work, WORK! :o(

When I started this blog I was only semi-employed, and self-employed at that (teaching private lessons, some periods with more hours a week, others with less), so of course I had plenty of time and energy to write! But then I started doing an MBA while increasing my teaching hours by working part time for a language academy (all the while keeping my own students) and although there was still some time to write, the energy started draining. And then it morphed into a full-time job in a clinic, keeping up with the always-running-behind-with-the-work MBA and still teaching my own students. So it was "little time, little energy". And then I switched to my current job, almost 18 months ago and now I'm like "Time? what's that? Energy? Where can I get a refill please???"