28 Jul 2014

Pond scum as a guide to evolution?

Guess what folks?! I'm slooowly (but surely!) dipping my toes back into the blogging world! There's this thing called "free time" that has suddenly reappeared on my schedule, albeit admittedly in small doses. Still, it's better than nothing, right?

Today's return is to point you to a very interesting article published in the "Santa Fe New Mexican" (local newspaper I'm guessing). Some weird guy (who I have absolutely no connection to, nope, never heard of him, just some random dude... well, he might be about to marry my sister in 5 1/2 weeks...), as I was saying this crazy guy (must be crazy to marry into this family!) has spent approximately the past decade microbial organisms (single-celled algae etc.) and thus obviously knows quite a bit on the topic!

I'm rambling... must be all that time without blogging. Dunno how to write anymore! :p

Anyhow, VERY interesting and quirky article:

Science in a Complex World: Pond scum offers clues to life’s puzzles

See you around! ;o)