28 Feb 2014

Random (icky) Ramblings

Not to sound negative or anything... but I HATE coughing! It's painful, it's icky, it can feel paralyzing at times. On the other hand... spend 4 weeks coughing and you can be pretty sure your abs are getting a good workout! :p

I've been dealing with a stupid cough for 4 WEEKS now! Started off some silly "kiddy" cough (you know the kind "Mommy I'm sick *cough, cough*"), then the throat got more and more irritated so after several days of lots of honey in everything a trip to the doctor ensued. "Just a superficial dry cough, have some cough syrup and ibuprofen to fight the inflammation". But of course the cough evolved, got a bit deeper, coughing fits lasted a bit longer and sometimes had me folded in two hoping that when I stopped coughing my back wouldn't be frozen in that position forever. Tiny mucus droplets started getting coughed up. *sigh* So after finishing up the cough syrup it was back to the doctor. "Breathe deep. Hmm... I think I hear something in the lungs, but it's not very clear. You should go to the medical specialists building downtown and have them do an X-ray, stat! Then come back and see me -today if possible- to discuss the results." So downtown I go, spend a couple of hours waiting, get the X-ray, go back to the doc (I love the fact they can see the results online right away!) and he says "Good news: you don't have pneumonia!" Whaaat?! That was even an option?! After my mom fighting that off for 2 months I don't want to even hear that word again! "You've got some mucus in one of your lungs" okaaaay. "Here, take antibiotics for a week and an expectorant". A week of medicine later, feeling much better, but not quite there yet. But work schedule and doctor's schedule kind of get in the way of each other, so we'll wait a few more days to see if this keeps improving. But noooo, instead of continuing to get better the cough decides to get worse again! GRRRRRR!!! And now it looks like the nose wants to join in on the fiesta. BLOODY HELL!!!! FOUR STUPID WEEKS OF COUGHING AND NOW THE NOSE?!?!?!?!?!

Seems like I've got this year's fabulous viral infection, which other years is just a nasty cold, ending in a stupid cough... but this year appears to be a never-ending cough. *sigh* My body is starting to really have trouble dealing with it, so bloody tired... But on the plus side: stronger abdominal muscles! :p

Monday I start work at 1pm, guess who I'll go visit in the a.m.? Yup! My GP again! 3rd visit in 4 weeks... I'd only seen him 3 times in the past 2 years prior to this! 

*grumble, grumble*

On the blogging side of things... still quiet in CrazyCris blogging land. 8h/day of work, plus several English classes a week ('cause crazy me didn't want to "abandon" some of my students who needed help), plus trying to stay afloat with the MBA work, plus an occasional Sunday hike or movie... No time for the blogs!!! SO SORRY!!! I miss you guys tons, promise! But any obvious "free time" I have I need to reserve for the MBA work. My schedule should lighten up a bit in May (and a lot more after June), so I'll be back in full by the summer! Until then... sporadic visits. *sob*

Hope everyone is well! And not coughing up their lungs like grumpy ol' me. ;o) 

Now excuse me while I go cough some more. :o(