19 May 2013

Cruel Albion

Although really I should be saying "Cruel Hispania", since Spain's the real culprit here!

Why "Cruel Albion"? Well basically because when I was walking around Bristol a few weeks ago, the city proceeded to torture me by having a series of posters on display that were pretty much taunting me whenever I turned my head... Taunting me about what? Here, take a look:


Rub it in my face England why don't you! Same goes for the rest of the world!!! And the worst offender is my sister in New Zealand who was taunting me 10 days ago about already having seen it (before the rest of the world)!!!

So what's the big deal? Why don't I just go see it for myself and stop complaining? Because in Spain it's not coming out until JULY!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr.... How dare they!!! I've been impatiently waiting for mid-May to arrive for months!!! And now I have to wait an extra 2 months?!?!?! It's almost enough to drive me to log onto the Ryanair website and get myself a ticket to the UK... almost. I'm not that crazy! Although once upon a time I did used to go to Holland from Belgium just to watch movies in English instead of French... But to be fair... Maastricht was only a 20' drive from Liège, and there were several of us in the car who did not want to see Harry Potter (and several others) in French so... not that crazy of me... :p

Almost 2 months... I keep hearing good things about it and am trying real hard to stay away from spoilers. July 5th can't get here soon enough!!!

8 May 2013

World Ocean's Day is only a month away!

OMG! How did I let so much time pass before reminding you guys about World Oceans Day?! In my mind I was going to do this monthly reminder with photos and videos starting in January... but I've been so busy I never got around to it! :o(

So listen up people (for those who don't already know):


Yup, it's an official (UN-declared) day dedicated to our Seas and Oceans! Considering our planet is 80% covered by water it seems fitting the Oceans should get at least one day a year for themselves!