22 Apr 2014

A Happy Alicante makes me smile!

Ooh! This put a smile on my face this morning, watching these people dance around Alicante! :o)

Although to be fair I've been smiling for 4 days now, I've got friends visiting from Belgium and we're out and about in the sun all day! (must remember that sunscreen, whoops!)

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

8 Apr 2014

A "poopy" reminder for World Oceans Day!

World Oceans Day is only 2 months away!!! :o)

As hectic as the past year has been (and as unsure as things are right now), I'm not 100% sure if I'll be able to do something to mark the occasion this year... although I sure as hell am going to try! So start thinking about the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon just in case. What do our Oceans do for you, and what can you do for our oceans?!

In the meantime, do go read this very interesting and funny story about the importance of whale poop in the Oceans! :D

from NPR

7 Apr 2014

A Musical Smile from a Galaxy Far, Far, Away

One of my favourite restaurants in the neighbourhood (Ghetto Vecchio), has local bands come in to play a set the first Sunday of every month. This Sunday was a Swing and Jazz band called "Petit Comité" that had a good rythm, a singer with a great voice (albeit not so great accent when singing in English, but oh well, this is Spain!) and a fabulous clarinet. We really enjoyed their set, and that always puts me in a good mood, but what put a huge grin on my face was when they said they were going to take us on a little trip, to a cantina on some backwater planet with two suns in a galaxy far, far away... I couldn't stop myself from quickly pulling out my cellphone to make this video!

Want to see the actual smile? here:

Well, technically that's the smile from the very beginning of the set... since I'm usually the photographer there are no pictures of me during the set, I was too busy enjoying the music! :o)

5 Apr 2014

Something to smile about :)

Like these "hospital" clowns (Payasospital, a group of "clowns" who go do acts in the childrens' wards in Alicante's hospitals) on stage during a benefit gala "Lola Busca Nueva Imagen" to raise funds for an association which helps children with cancer and their families.

The images don't really do them justice (you're missing all the sound effects done by the guy with the guitar, he's also got a tambourine taped to his belly!), but clown cowboys? Definitely goofy! The auditorium was roaring with laughter. Me included, and I'm not a fan of clowns! :p

The rest of the show was good too (several local rock bands, a couple of "modeling" shows by girls belonging to a couple of the Hogueras), and you could tell all the people who volunteered their time and effort for this benefit were having a blast. And that my friends is contagious! Made for a lovely Thursday evening, and helped out a good cause to boot! :o)