23 Aug 2014

Yay for regular maintenance!

It's a good thing mandated regular maintenance exists... Or the surprise I got this week when the hot water heater guy came by could have been MUCH worse later down the line... I mentioned that it didn't seem to be working well, not heating as much, trouble starting sometimes cutting off (in the middle of a shower!)... Not fun! So he started knocking on the chimney, and then asked me if I'd seen birds coming in and out... 

Check out what happened when he took it apart:

Nesting material, including a couple of tiny unhatched eggs.

The nesting material went waaay down the vertical pipe too!

Damn swallows! Now I'm going to have go find some kind of mesh thingy to put around this before the birds come back and start all over again...

So this dipping my toes back into the blogging world seems to be progressing by millimeters! Lots of extra work to wrap up before I stopped for vacation, visitors during the holiday so not much time there... and LOTS of time spent with wedding organization! My sister's getting married here in Alicante in 2 weeks, and as she lives in the US, well that means lots of help on the family's part! So still not much time for the next 2 weeks... But I do plan on finding some time to work on the photos I took today while diving over a 2000 year-old Roman wreck! ;o)