4 Jan 2011


How has your year started out? I started 2011 doing the 20km Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand! Am still putting the post together for the other blog, but I wanted to take advantage of a little internet time to share this:

I set my cellphone alarm for noon, a.k.a. midnight in Europe, so New Year for most of my family and friends.

Jan 1st 2011, above Red Crater, at highest point in the Tongariro Crossing, NZ

Hope 2011 is starting out well for you! :o)


  1. Happy New Year! I've decided to do Project 365 this year and take a photo every day. Most of them will probably end up being of my coffee cups, but I made a decent start with a walk near my parents' house and a photo of my Dad and brother on the mountain, looking out over the valley. It's not quite as impressive as yours, but a beautiful start nonetheless!

  2. Great start to the new year! I went out on snowshoes yesterday which was, to me, a great beginning to a wonderful year. You know 2011 is a prime number, right? :-)

  3. Project 365 sounds fabulous!!! I think I'll do the same thing here... although the ones corresponding to the month of January will probably have to be put in and back-dated what with my internet connection issues on this trip... :p

    Snowshoeing DJan? Sounds fun! I've never tried that.... And no, I hadn't realised 2011 was a prime number, cool! :o)

  4. It will be exciting to see what all you come up with!


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