15 Nov 2009

What's up this weekend?

Running around with this little girl (whom everyone is following in love with wherever we go!):

(plus her parents)


My 3-month old niece... first of the next gen on my mom's side. My "little" (26 today!) cousin's daughter. The three of them have come up for a long weekend and we're wandering around Belgium and Holland.



  1. Had to zoom that one to see those adorable eyes! You lead such an awesome life!

  2. CC - can I pick your brains please? Am planning to go to andalucia for holy week next year - but it seems to encompass 2 Sundays. Do the floats/processions last all week or should I aim for either the first or second Sunday? Also, do the trains and buses etc run during this week or is it fiesta time for everyone?

    Thanks for your help!

  3. I'll head over and tell you at your place

  4. thanks Lily!

    those adorable eyes have been captivating half of Belgium all weekend long! ;o)


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