1 Nov 2009

Monthly Movies: October'09

Woah! A whole month without going to the movies?! OUCH! That's how long between the last film I saw in September and the Ugly Truth which I saw with my dad, sister and cousin last weekend in Alicante... scary! I couldn't let the month go by with a Rom-Com having been my only cinematic outing, not when there were so many I'd wanted to see and had missed due to lack of time (or last-minute motivation), so I purposely stayed downtown later today to catch another one! ;o)

And yet... it kept having mixed feelings throughout the movie, kept asking myself how could I be enjoying this so much if there were so many elements that kept getting on my nerves?! Meryl Streep is splendid, but that voice! Argh! Like nails on a chalk board!!! Although I'm told by my Dad (who has yet to see it and will probably be stuck seeing it in Spanish, poor fellow! I so love Les Grignoux and their passion for subtitles!) that it probably sounds quite a bit like the real McCoy. And much as I admired Julie Powell's endeavour (and Amy Adams wonderful portrayal of her), she really got on my nerves! She's right, her husband is a saint!
I'm sure many people will identify with different elements in the film, my moment was when Julia and her husband are talking about "going home" and she asks where that is and he answers "home is where we live". That is so me and my life...
Speaking of her husband, Stanley Tucci complemented Meryl Streep really well, they made such a great couple it kind of reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada. :p

The Ugly Truth
Very predictable (as usual for so many romantic comedies) but quite funny! There were several moment's when Heigl's "dumb blonde" act were a bit tiresome though... And Gerard Butler was yummy! (except when he was being too despicable) ;o)


  1. Hi Chris,

    Great post.
    Came by to say hello and wish you a good Halloween weekend.

  2. hey Herrad, Happy Halloween to you too! :o)


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