1 Nov 2009

Missing Mexico

Have I ever mentioned I lived in Mexico once upon a time? No? My bad! When I left there I felt more Mexican than either Spanish or American, and I sure sounded like one when I arrived in Spain! Not surprising since I lived in the country for 9 years, from the ages of 10 to 19... 2 years in Chiapas and 7 years in the D.F.. I've lost the accent (but some of it comes back whenever I talk with Latin-Americans) but some of the vocabulary is still there.

I miss my friends and reminded of them at pretty random times (and almost always around their birthdays), but when it comes to our life in Mexico I actually miss it most now around Halloween and then in January-February (we used to go see Swan Lake... on a lake! once a year then). Why now? Today is "Todo Santos" and tomorow is "El Día de los Muertos", big, BIG holidays in Mexico. I miss the ambiance, and I miss the food, particularly the "pan del muerto" (above, photo from Wikipedia) only baked for this occasion... I miss going to see Don Juan Tenorio, a 19th century Spanish play (a version of Don Juan) that several theatres would put on every year at this time. We went several times to see it in an "open air theatre", I think it was in the courtyard of an old convent? Very appropriate for the "mood". And in the intermission they served spiced hot cider... yum!

Good times. :o)


  1. Awesome. "Death Bread" (is that the right translation?)

  2. more like "bread of the dead"... and so yummy! :o)

  3. Hi Cris! Too bad you can't bake some bread!!! Soon! :)
    After your job is finished in Belgium, what's the plan? Any thought about moving back to Mexico since you miss it so much? The world is your oyster!

  4. hey Rain!

    I doubt I could just move back to Mexico... it wouldn't be the same. And you know going back isn't the solution, we have to keep looking forward!
    No definite plans for post-Christmas, other than to lock myself in my appartment and finish writing my @£@ thesis! :p Oh, and job hunting... ;o)

  5. I think we all miss the traditions we grew up with during special occasions. Maybe you should celebrate Halloween in Mexico next year, and then blog about it!

  6. now there's a fun suggestion Lily! now if only I could put together the funding... :p
    I've been promising people there a visit for years... some day, Inch'allah!

  7. oh no - don't mention cider to me... why do people like that? haha.

    Can you not make the bread in spain?

  8. because it's yummy?

    as for the pan de muerto... you have to have a good recipe, the right ingredients and a little know-how. but you're right, I should probably ask a friend in Mexico if they have a good recipe (although most people buy it at the bakery)


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