31 Oct 2009

Happy Halloween!

I hope you're all having a SPOOKY evening!

I don't have anything special planned this year. Halloween's not a big deal on this side of the pond, although I did have a blast organising a big fiesta two years in a row when I lived here before... I re-discovered a love of Jack'o'Lanterns:

You like? Those are from the first party I did here (4 pumpkins, 4 artists, we had such fun!), in my appartment when my sister lived with me for 3 months in 2005.

(I didn't realise how transparent that shirt was until I saw the photos the next day... oops!)

She and a friend really wanted a party so I said "sure, why not?!" and proceeded to have a blast decorating the appartment, inviting friends, and stressing about the neighbours.

But I was so stressed out about the neighbours (I had a major grump living next door) and the state of the living room the next day was such that the following year (2006) we decided to do it in a local pub instead of at home. One of the girls involved in the organising was friends with the owner of a pub downtown that had 2 floors, so we reserved the upper level, decorated,

prepared some snacks...

and then invited a bunch of friends and partied 'till the sun came up! Good times :o)

We also celebrated my room-mate's birthday (she's a Halloween baby!), with that smiley pumpkin cake up there!

Hmmm... but the music I'm hearing tells me the students in my tower might have decided to celebrate Halloween after all! I might have to go check that out...

In the meantime I'll leave with some vampires, enjoy! ;o)

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Damn, I can't cut it down to size to fit here properly... you'll have to go see it here;


  1. Seems like half the world has a Halloween birthday. I know of many.

    Pass the greetings on to her...

  2. Looks like you've had some good Halloween fun and lots of memories. I love carving pumpkins.

  3. Great pumpkins. I didn't do one this year, and now I'm sorry I don't have the roasted seeds as I visit all my bloggy friends.

  4. I missed out on carving a pumpkin this year too! But it's hard to find a good one here and they're not cheap, so didn't seem to be a point in doing it just to decorate my room...
    I'll have to organise another Halloween fiesta some time in the future and let my inner pumpkin out again! ;o)

  5. cute!

    don't worry - it's spreading your way as we speak. In oviedo, all the young kids were trying to be 'american' by dressing up in weird ghoul costumes.

  6. When in Spain I leave the costumes for Carnaval! ;o)


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