27 Oct 2009

TV Addiction: combining two favourites!

I haven't seen last night's Halloween episode of Castle yet... but seeing this clip online makes me really impatient!

Rick Castle disguised as Captain Mal Reynolds?! Oh yeah!!! :o)
(and the dialogue with his daughter is priceless!)

Now if Joss Whedon could only give Nathan Filion a proper excuse to wear the space cowboy togs... preferably onboard the Serenity! ;o)


  1. I watched it last night! It was a good Castle. And could his daughter be any more beautiful?

  2. What fun! I loved this episode!!! I can't believe he actually went to meet up with Beckett dressed as Captn Mal! :o)
    And being a vampire episode... loved the references to Buffy as well!

    You're right Nancy, his daughter is beautiful! And probably the only "normal" person on the show! (definitely the "grownup" of that crazy family) :p


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