20 Oct 2009

TV Addiction: a new season begins

Any other series-addicts TV fans reading this?

So, the new (US) TV season is back in full swing! I've been so psyched about this since summer started drawing to a close and I realised how close I was to witnessing certain cliffhangers be resolved (where did Lois go? what happened to Olivia? to Zhiva? will Booth regain his memory? will he tell Bones how he feels? who died, George or Izzie? is House truly crazy?...), the rebirth of hope for certain series (Dollhouse got renewed? yessss!!! please oh please make Heroes improve its storylines!), and the delight of new discoveries (what would happen if the whole world blacked out for 2'14s? can we really take in another vampire series?).

Here are my two cents' worth on these:
Bones - Sweet!
Californication - still a bit too shocking but Duchovny is as wonderful as ever. ;o)

Castle - oh yeah! will watch Fillion in anything... and this is coming together very nicely!
Dollhouse - we're finally getting somewhere! becoming much more intriguing...
Eastwick - bewitching, but wondering how they're going to pull an entire series out of their hat...
Flash Forward - Curious...
Friday Night Lights - Still waiting for it to start! (picked up this one over the summer as though my Dad would -rightly so- enjoy it and fell in love with it myself! learning more than I thought I ever would on American football along the way, lol!)

Fringe - Awesome! :o)
Glee - not my cup of tea
Gossip Girl - bleh, losing interest
Grey's Anatomy - more tear-jerking drama... why do I still watch this? oh yeah, it's bloody addictive! :p
Heroes - sad... still not regained its former glory
House - love seeing this "new" side of House!
Lie to Me - the cases are starting to make more sense
Mercy - Michelle Trachtenberg is just as bland as in Buffy :o(
Merlin - the danger level seems to be increasing and relationships are being upped a notch...
Modern Family - I'm definitely not a pure "comedy" girl... :o(
NCIS - boom!
NCIS: LA - hmmm... still need convincing... but gazing into Chris O'Donnel's eyes definitely helps! ;o)
One Tree Hill - bleh, losing interest
Private Practice - Whew! Nice resolve to the cliff-hanger!
Sanctuary - Amanda Tapping rules! :o) and I can't believe they KILLED x and y! snif!!!
Smallville - edgier, me likes!
Stargate Universe - still missing Atlantis but this one shows promise...
The Big Bang Theory - loved the beards! (discovered series this summer thx to my sister and can't get enough of these lovable geeks who totally speak my language! unless they start spouting mathematical formulae... lol!)
The Good Wife - waiting and seeing...
The Vampire Diaries - could work, shows promise...
Ugly Betty - what are they waiting for to start this already?!
V - I'm soooo impatient for this one to start already!

How 'bout you? What's got you buzzing on the Boob Tube these days? Any guilty pleasures or fannish obsessions you'd care to share? ;o)


  1. Holy cow - I thought I watched ALOT of t.v., but you certainly have me beat.

    House - Love it, but am curious how long his "new" side will last.

    Lie to Me - Interesting and fascinating. I wish I had that talent.

    NCIS: LA - I'm not sure out this one either - time will tell.

    Big Band Theory - LOVE IT - lol!!!

  2. So You Think You Can Dance...both Canadian version and American


    Amazing Race

    Animation Domination: Simpsons, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad

    Criminal Minds

    Battle of the Blades: Canadian show where figure skating women's champs pair with hockey meatheads, lol...they are unbelievable flexible! Fun to vote!

    24 - OMG I can't wait until January

    And curse upon Fox for cancelling Terminator and Prison Break - they kept freaking Doll House over Terminator???? Come on! I miss John Henry! :-)

    hmmmm...pattern? Yeah, I love reality shows, the comptetition ones only though!

    Have to miss: Lie To Me, Bones, Supernatural, Reaper and some of my fave talk shows because I'm renting a place that only has basic cable and one VCR....talk about me being a spoiled brat huh? LOL...I miss my DVR!!!

  3. You and I watch some of the same shows.

    NCIS, Bones, Survivor, So You Think You Can Dance, Amazing Race, Project Runway, and a new one - Eastwick. I'm not into blood, gore or violence these days.

  4. @Dive Girl, yeah, I do watch too much for my own good! I just have trouble choosing! :p Although I don't really watch all of those anymore, they're just the ones I checked out at the beginning of the season. I've lost interest in a few (but not many...).
    Oh, and as a MAJOR Trekkie who only got hooked into watching growing up because I had a crush on Whil Wheaton... this week's Big Bang was AWESOME!!! :o)

    @Rain, I've never been one for the "Reality Shows", I think I missed out on getting stung by that bug when they started out and I was here in Belgium at the time sans TV or internet or anything... I've since avoided them because I've witnessed how addictive they can become and I'm already addicted to more than enough shows on the boob tube! :p Although that Battle of the Blades sounds like a riot!
    And although I'm a fan of Dollhouse, I still can't believe they chose it over Terminator either! (and I've read somewhere that DH creator Joss Whedon was also surprised at the choice, his own vote would have been for Terminator).
    Well I've never had a DVR! But missing out on Bones and Lie to Me?! SAD!!! (I believe Reaper wasn't renewed from last year)

    @Nancy- the only blood I'll watch on the TV is when it's covering a decomposing cadaver and Booth and Bones are arguing about "not speculating but sticking to the facts" over it, lol!

  5. Hi,
    I knew you watched a lot of movies and TV series but didn't know it was that much! Well, Ellen and I do watch some series:
    - Grey's anatomy: my personal favorite! Season 6 is as good as the other ones, but as you mentioned, tends to be very depressing...
    - Heroes: Season 1 was really good, seasons 2 and 3 less and less interesting but I must admit that season 4 seems very promising!
    - Desperate Housewives: we've been hooked on that one since the beginning too, although some seasons were very disappointing. Season 6 is ok so far.
    - Friends: old but awesome! We got the 10 seasons on DVD and it's one of my favorites. We watched almost 6 out of 10 so far and we love it!
    - How I met your mother: We discovered that one recently so we're only starting at season 1 (watched half of it but am looking forward to the rest)

    Well, that's all for now.
    Thanks for your nice blog.
    See you soon,

  6. Haha - I didn't know there was a formula to when new series began!

    I love FNL - you are the first person I have met you even knows what it is. It has not been released in the UK at all, I just happened to watch it on DVD but seasons 2 & 3 are still not on UK formatting!

    Am quite into x-factor though which is helping me with the wait!

  7. Hey Christophe!
    I just hope s4 of Heroes lives up to its promise... I've never really been tempted by Desperate Housewives (except the one season when they had Nathan Filion in the cast), but I have had HIMYM on my "to watch" list for some time (what with "Willow" and "Dr Horrible" in the cast!) but for some reason have never gotten around to it!

    What do you mean by a formula? In the US the TV season follows the academic year, they just all start sometime in September...
    I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed FNL! I thought it would be ok (since I'd heard so many good things about it), but me watching a series about American football?! Nah! Was I ever wrong! :o)
    Have no idea what X Factor is though! :p

  8. To know when a season begins or when is the next episode, you can always go to the epguides website.
    You can find the name and airing date of any episode of any serie (e.g., for Grey's Anatomy, go to http://epguides.com/GreysAnatomy/)

  9. that or write in google "greys anatomy air dates" (or any other series) and then you get all the available dates listed! ;o)


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