8 Apr 2009

If TV Science was more like Real Science...

I stumbled upon PhD Comics a year or so ago via a friend on Facebook, and I've been hooked ever since! Even though they're centred around a group of characters who are basically American Engineering PhD students (whereas I'm doing a PhD in Oceanography in Belgium) and many of the "incidents" are unique to a US campus environment, so many of the themes they touch upon are universal! Particularly PROCRASTINATION (of which I am an expert... as this blog could prove...), or dealing with supervisors, funding nightmares, having family and friends wondering when the hell you'll be done ("but you said a few more months a year ago!"), feeling out of touch with "the real world" and wondering what you'll do when you DO graduate.

Anyhow, the reason I'm bringing this up today actually has nothing to do with PhDs, research etc... but TV! (and here one of my procrastination tools comes to light). I thought today's comic was excellent (click on it to see in a bigger format, easier to read) and oh so true! I've thought this many times, but forgiven my favourite TV shows their scientific errors in the name of "artistic licence" ;o)

PS: don't Booth and Bones look great?! hehehe...


  1. Those were so funny!

    I had to laugh at your student's view of the world. We have one in her last semester. Grateful. That's what we are! :-)

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a terrific comment on my blog today. You made an excellent point.

  2. hehe, those are always funny! just not always "exportable" to the "real" world! ;o)

    thank YOU for having a place where I can speak out like that! I haven't been able to bring myself to post my more serious side on this blog so I really enjoy a place where I can let it out! :o)

  3. So true - I'm supposed to be a member of the 'real world' now but trust me, procrastination remains alive and well!

    Thanks for your tips on Madrid - am really looking forward to going. My plane leaves tomorrow morning!

  4. Buen Viaje!!!

    I haven't been to Madrid in years, should probably do something to remedy that one of these months..

    Have fun!

  5. Thanks - I don't know if I shall have time for Toledo this time but will definitely keep an eye out for the wines you recommend - but I have always been a fan of white rioja - it does not deserve to live in the shadow of its red brother.

    I completely agree on the language thing in Vicky Cristina. It's much like what you were saying about Slumdog - I didn't understand most of it but I think I would still have been upset if it had all been dubbed into one language.


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