1 Apr 2009

April First... crrrrrazy day!!!

Hmmm... I kind of miss being in a country where wonky things actually happen on April 1st... A little laughter helps bring Spring forward a bit (particularly when winter has decided to raise its head again... damn the rain and those temperatures dropping! grrrr).
I'm not going to go digging through the mists of time searching for an origin story (there are so many to choose from!). I used to think April Fool's Day was mainly an anglo-saxon thing, being celebrated only in countries with close ties (i.e. colonisation) to England or those with heavy U.S. cultural influence... But after 8 years in Belgium I discovered (sometimes at my expense!) that both there and in France it's an old and highly valued tradition as well! It's Poisson d'Avril... with the basic prank being someone has to stick a "fish" on your back without you suspecting it (frequently with something written on the fish... or worse).

Here in Spain the equivalent is on December 28th: Día de los Santos Inocentes. It's a play on the term "inocente", as in an "innocent" is someone who is naive, doesn't expect what's about to happen to them, an easy target. Although originally the day is marked in the Catholic Church as commemorating the babies (so "innocent" souls, free from sin) who were massacred under Herod's orders way back in the day... Hmmm, dark origin for a day of pranks.
I prefer April Fools! ;o)

Got any good pranks to share? Make me laugh and help chase the clouds away and keep the sun shinning over the Mediterranean! :o)
Here's one I particularly enjoyed last year, dunno if you heard about it. The BBC announced a new documentary as part of their advertising campaign for online-TV. Apparently my dear friends the Adélie Penguins no longer have to worry about the bitter Antarctic winters... they've all decided it's about time they put their flippers - sorry I mean wings! - to good use and have started flying north to the jungles of Brazil for warmth (and apparently to hang out with Tucan Sam!). Enjoy! ;o)

Hmm... I at first thought this year's prank on the BBC wasn't so great... but then I checked out the video they mention and the damn thing works! So I'm going to try out later on some family members and see if they fall for it! The video instructions are on YouTube.

Will report back in the comments' section with news on how it worked out! ;o)

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  1. Had a blast doing this with my Dad! :p He never thought he might be psychic or anything (plus he had remembered it was April Fool's Day so he was suspicious), but his face was hilarious as he couldn't quite figure how the thing was done! We got some good laughs! :o)


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