30 Mar 2009

The return of old (TV) friends

I really dislike this system some channels have of only putting out 1/2 a season per season... it means you have to wait waaaaaaay too long to find out "what happens next" and be reunited with old friends. But that time has (at last) arrived, and now...

Robin's baaaaaaaaack!!!!

Ok, so I'll admit this isn't the best TV series out there. In fact when I saw the first episodes I thought it was way too cheesy, over the top, and trying too hard to be "modern" and with too many puns or word games referencing things going on in our modern world (such as episode title "Sheriff Got Your Tongue?"). But I continued watching anyway if for no other reason that I've always loved Robin Hood tales, so I wasn't going to miss out on a series of adventures (not to mention the v. attractive guys -Jonas Armstrong as Robin!- involved! :p ). As the episodes moved forward, the "modernisms" and other awkward elements stopped bothering me and I found myself just enjoying some grand old adventures with a fun set of well acted characters (as usual the Sheriff gets the best part) and regularly looked forward to what crazy things were going to happen next. And I was really hooked into it with the end of Season 2 when things got a lot darker... and then they actually killed a main character (cabrones!)!!! So I've been wondering how on earth Robin was going to go on without this person in his life... and now we both get to learn that and meet Friar Tuck (love the twist on that one!). First episode did not disappoint and am once again looking forward to my weekly dose of silliness and adventure. :o)

And if that weren't enough... we get more of Henry the 8th and his crazy wife-swapping antics starting next weekend on The Tudors!!! Jonathan Rhys Meyers does an amazing job bringing that one to life!

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