15 Mar 2009

TV Addiction: preparing for the end of days on BSG

It's not too often that the creators of a TV series can end it on their own terms, when they think it's right for the story they wanted to tell. All too often the networks just yank it off the air without enough of a warning to let the writers give the viewers some kind of closure (c.f. Dark Angel, Farscape, Angel, Firefly, Jericho, Eli Stone etc... to name a few). This is particularly hard on fans of serialized series where the episodes are all threaded together to weave an intricate tapestry (as opposed to episodic series where you can jump in at any point because there's little relation from one episode to the next). So it's a relief to know that some of the most interesting series (Lost, BSG...) of the past couple of years have been given the greenlight by their studios to plot out the end of their story and make it happen.

Battlestar Galactica, my favourite TV series (perhaps of all time, but only time will confirm that), is coming to an end. For those who haven't heard about it (what planet do you live on?! check out wikipedia asap!), I'm not talking about the campy 1970s series (Lorne Greene as Adama, Richard Hatch as Apollo, Dirk Benedict as Starbuck) that had its fun moments but (in my opinion) was very cheesy and repetitive after the first couple of episodes. Nope, I'm talking about Ron Moore and David Eick's, Peabody Award winning, re-imagining of the story of the rag-tag fleet of human survivors searching for a place to call home (and taking it to a whole other level! not to mention changing several prominent characters -Boomer, Starbuck- from male to female, and well done 'cause Kara Thrace rocks!!!) for the SciFi channel in the US. From the original mini-series that jump-started it all in 2003, to the present final season (cruelly divided into 2 halves, spring 2008 and 2009), the storylines have been intricate, the characters believable and engaging, the writing and the acting superb (many thx to Edward J Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff etc). It's gritty and it's not pretty, but it sure as hell feels damn real! (considering it takes place in space...) And it all gets wrapped up next Friday in a 2h grand finale. Snif!!! I want more!!! I always have trouble with things I love ending... mais c'est la vie, and I can't wait to find out how they wrap it up and solve the final mysteries (i.e. why is Hera so important? and most of all: what the frak is Kara Thrace a.k.a. Starbuck?!?! Daniel's daughter? An "angel"? The "harbinger of death"? What's it all mean!!! will Anders EVER wake up???).

So in honour of this glorious ending, I'm going to dig through YouTube and post a video a day as a count down to the end of it all. We'll see what I can dig up, am sure there are plenty of fans out there who are a lot more tech-savvy than I who will have posted some pretty shiny stuff! Please feel free to share your thoughts on this series, favourite moments, characters etc. throughout the week.

Starting off with a music video comparing the old and the new BSG:

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