26 Mar 2009

Dreaming of the South...

Heading South... Oh I wish I could!!! And by South I don't mean the warmer temperate/tropical climates that people in the north part of the Northern Hemisphere yearn for. Nope. I mean the REAL South... as in south of the polar circle!!! ANTARCTICA!!!

A colleague and friend of mine from Belgium has managed to get himself sent down there again (am rather envious at his success in this field! but am so glad for him!), this time as part of a BAS trip (British Antarctic Survey) to the Scotia Arc region. New places!!! ME TOO PLEASE!!!

Anyway, if you're interested in following what goes on during these crazy missions (and how can it not be crazy when you lock a bunch of scientists up on the same boat and send 'em off for an extended period of time?!), my friend Anton has started up his own website -Antonarctica- with pics and videos of previous campaigns (now why haven't I done that???), and has a regular blog of his adventures on this trip. Enjoy!

And bon voyage to those on-board!

Adelie penguins in Terre Adélie, East Antarctica

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