19 Mar 2009

BSG countdown: 2 days to go...

Oops, am a bit late with this, as it's after midnight will appear as on the 19th instead of 18th! :p
What's next on my BSG list? The music!!! Wow, what a soundtrack!!! It adds to the show's soul, helps looks, reactions, gestures convey emotions without the words... and to top it off sometimes gives me goosebumps! ;o)

Richard Gibbs started it off with the music for the mini-series, but what I find myself frequently listening to on i-tunes are Bear McCreary's (photographed with a viper above, from his website) melodies from the series itself. Ranges from haunting melodies, to jigs and lullabies, and to a very interesting version of "All Along the Watchtower" as a key melody with some special meaning we don't fully comprehend yet (but hope to by the end of the finale! or else...).

I had a hell of a time choosing a few pieces (via youtube) to share here, particularly as I wanted to keep them short (Battlestar Sonatica and Passacaglia are beautiful, but at 8 minutes I'm not sure you'd stick around in from of my blog to listen to them!). You can listen to a few more tracks on his website, go to "online demo" and choose scifi and then check out "The Temple of Five" and "Heeding the Call" (try and recognise "Watchtower" in there!) from season 3, "Gina Escapes" from season 2 or "Scar" from season 1.

So here's "Adama Falls" from season 3 (illustrated with stills from the series), followed by an "official" promo for the music of Bear McCreary (with sequences from the series), and finally "All Along the Watchtower" (first just the melody as it slowly appears in bits and pieces in the final episode of season 3, then the full song). Enjoy!

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