19 Mar 2009

BSG countdown: 1 day to go...

So, there's only one day to go (for those of you lucky enough to live Stateside, the rest of us will have to wait a day or two for internet availability). Just one day, and as I think about what that final episode might have in store for us, there's one final mistery that they'd frakking better resolve, or else!!! What is Starbuck's deal?! All her life she doodled a mandala that turned out to be a symbol on the path to Earth (a supernova), she "has a destiny", she's the "harbinger of death" who will "lead the human race to their end". She died for frak's sake!!! And then came back with tales of having been to Earth... She guided them there, and found her dead, mummified body in her crashed viper. She sees her (dead) father who reminds her how to play a tune from her childhood on the piano, THE tune ("Watchtower") that was the "activation" switch for the Final Four (brought them together and to the realisation that they were cylons). So WHAT is she?! An angel? Missing cylon model number 7 Daniel's daughter? Please, please, PLEASE don't leave us hanging on this one!!!
Kara Thrace (Starbuck) is definitely my favourite on this show. The writers and Katee Sackhoff have brought to life such a vibrant, strong, passionate character. When she's on fire everyone else seems dull by comparison. Her relationship with "the old man" (Adama considers her a daughter) feels very real and dispite her disfunctionalities (is that a word?) she's the best hot-shot pilot in the fleet!
Changing the character of Starbuck from man (original) to woman was probably THE most controversial point when the miniseries aired (the original Starbuck himself spoke out publicly and loud and clear -in a rather mysoginistic voice- about how wrong it was and how much they'd regret it). Well, if anyone still thinks that was a mistake, then they obviously haven't been watching!

So here go a couple of Starbuck videos. Enjoy!

The first is "Starbuck 101". Title pretty much says it all! Covers many key character moments throughout the series, illustrates her character pretty well.

Second is more emotional (perhaps because of the song?). I really like it because I think the lyrics to the song chosen ("More than Human") are a perfect fit for where Kara is in the final season, wonder who/what she is...

There's another excellent video, probably put together (I guess from the date) shortly after we were all shocked when Starbuck "died" (will they please solve that mistery this friday?!). I can't embed it for some reason, so here's the link for "Starbuck: Legends Never Die":

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