19 Mar 2009

more BSG love from the U.N.!!!

Wow! I hear a panel was held at the UN to discuss the real world problems and conflicts reflected on screen every Friday night on BSG (war, genocide, "human" rights, a woman's right to choose, torture, suicide bombinb...). Present from the show were creators David Eick and Ron Moore and the two leads: Mary McDonnell (Pres. Laura Roslin) and Edward J Olmos (Admiral Adama). Also some "real world" speakers, with Whoopi Goldberg moderating. And a public of 300 members of the UN, press, and high-school kids from New York. Lucky them! I hope the video becomes available on the internet so I can watch it! I've had to make do with two passionate eye-witness accounts:

Meredith Woerner over at io9.com writes:
"It was chill-inducing to see how far BSG had come. What was once a struggling miniseries now sits front and center in the Chambers of the United Nations, creating a dialogue amongst fans, 100 attending high school students (who all came prepped with astounding questions), politicians and activists. Let's hope that BSG's night inspires future scifi series to at least attempt to address the reality of the world we live in today, you'll be missed old girl."

while Marc Bernardin from EW.com says:
"While the idea of the UN hosting a retrospective on Battlestar Galactica might sound a little odd, as the night went on it started to make perfect sense. From the very beginning, BSG has dealt with moral issues -- what it means to be human, the rule of law vs. the military might, the arguable merits of armed insurgency -- issues which find themselves on the UN's docket almost every day. As Robert Orr, the Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Planning put it, "You've got people thinking about issues that we try and get people thinking about every day.""

Oh to have been a fly on the wall!!! To have been able to yell with the crowd and the Admiral "SO SAY WE ALL!" sigh!

Pictures from Brian McDermott/SCI FI Channel, and Getty Imgaes, off the io9 website.

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