22 Mar 2009

The END of Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak

So, it's done. An epic series comes to an end in an explosive three hour finale (dunno why they couldn't just show all three hours together instead of one hour one week and then the final two the next...).

I've just come back from watching it with a friend and... what the frak?!?!?! What an ending!!! Still haven't decided if I like it or not! Not sure I'm happy with how things turned out for Kara., although it's nice to finally know! Definitely not for Lee or Anders or Bill... And will someone explain to me why we haven't seen any of D'Anna in this last half season? Did she get left behind on Earth or something??? But still, sooo nice to finally see the resolution of the Opera House vision. And the laughs when both Baltar and Caprica Six realise they are both seeing a "vision" of the other in their head! Baltar is too funny, am glad he keeps providing the much needed comic relief from time to time. Was glad Tyrol took action for Cally.

Thinking. This series has always been thought-provoking and the end is no different. Will require some mulling over and repeat viewings. Preferably of the series as a whole to work things into the bigger plan as they happen throughout the seasons. Will definitely miss it.

"All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again."

So well illustrated by the images they choose to show us at the very end. And don't blink or you'll miss seeing Ron Moore onscreen! ;o) And I remember the discussion around the mitochondrial "Eve" a few years back!!! Kudos on tying it all together.

I can't bring myself to go through all the effort of a recap (plus want to avoid too many spoilers for those reading this who haven't seen it yet), but there's a rather complete and fun one on a Canadian blog "The TV Addict".

So, what's next? "The Plan"!!! "Caprica"!!! Thank the gods they're letting us down nice and easy, we get another BSG dose sometime this year with the TV/DVD movie (or double episode) "The Plan" (directed by EJ Olmos) which -from what I've gathered- will come at things from the cylons point of view. Title comes from the intro in each episode " The Cylons were created by Man (...) They Evolved (...) Some look Human (...) AND THEY HAVE A PLAN". And then after that with "Caprica" we get to take a step back some 50 years in history to when the cylons were created, with Adama's father being one of the main characters. Am looking forward to Esai Morales's portrayal of lawer Joe Adama, he was so good in Jericho!

"The Plan"


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