8 Mar 2009

Movie Magic: Slumdog Millionaire

A few weeks ago I was wondering what Slumdog Millionaire had on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, how could it be poised as a favourite to win the Oscar, and then why did it go on to do so above Benjamin Button.

Well, now I understand.

I just got home from seeing it and... WOW! "Feel-good movie of the decade" indeed! And tense. What tension! My legs felt like noodles when I got up to walk out of the theatre, I hadn't realised how tense I was during the film. Where Benjamin Button was visual poetry, had the feel of a ballet, Slumdog felt like a jolt of electricity. So vibrant. So ALIVE! For those who are "scared" it might be too much of a "Bollywood" movie, nope, not at all. It's a story of love, and ambition, and survival, and love. And it's wonderful! I already look forward to seeing it again in VO... as I could have sworn the movie was supposed to be bilingual (Hindi and English?) but that got lost in the Spanish dubbing (sigh!).

If you haven't already seen this, what are you waiting for?! Go! Git! Scat!!! NOW!!! ;o)
To entice you I leave you below with the trailer of this 8 Oscar-winning movie and

Slumdog Millionaire, 8 Oscars (10 noms):
Best Motion Picture of the Year
Best Director - Danny Boyle (same guy who did Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, Sunshine...)
Best Soundtrack and Best Song (Jai Ho) - A.R. Rahman
Best Adapted Screenplay - Simon Beaufoy
Best Achievement in Sound - Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke, Resul Pookutty
Best Achievment in Cinematography - Anthony Dod Mantle
Best Achievment in Editing - Chris Dickens

And here's the Oscar-winning song as it's in the film (musical number over the credits), enjoy!

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