29 Mar 2009

"Volta a Peu": or a 45' walk around Alicante with >3000 people... in the rain!

What do you get when you bring together > 3000 people (aged 2 months to 88 yrs) -with mascots- and set them loose to walk around town? Organised chaos! :p

So today was the 12th edition of the "Volta a Peu", that's Valenciano (local language, off-shoot of Catalan) for "Circle on Foot" (or something like that). Basically a group walk to promote walking vs driving. Newspapers stated over 3000 people signed up for it by the middle of last week. If we add on people who joined since then, and take away those who didn't show due to the rain (well, really a constant drizzle, but in sunshiny Alicante a drizzle is as bad as real rain for most people!), then I'd say those numbers are about right. With prizes for male/female oldest/youngest participants, school with the most participants, most amusing mascot... it was a hectic morning for a leisurely - and very crowded - walk around town. All in all fun! Well, I'm not sure the poor dog agrees with me... she hates crowds and has a distinct dislike for the rain! But she was a good sport... until she got scared out of her wits when the Mascletà (sequence of firecrackers, frequent during holidays here) went off at 13h30! She litterally jumped out of her collar! ;o)
The Dream Team: a crazy redhead, two ol'fogies, and a four-legged-furry-critter!

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