15 Mar 2009

more BSG love!

Seems like I'm not the only one prepping for Friday's big finale... ;o)

The magazine Entertainement Weekly has a commented photo gallery on their website about how it all started, and how it almost didn't get started: The Beginning of the End: A 'Battlestar Galactica' Oral History

"On Friday, March 20, at 9 p.m., Battlestar Galactica will air its 80th and final episode. The space drama will go down as one of the most critically lauded science-fiction TV shows ever. But had fans of the original ABC series from the 1970s had their way, the miniseries that launched the Sci Fi Channel remake would never have even made it on the air. With the series finale looming, we look back at the controversial miniseries that started it all, and the fan uprising that tried to stand in its way."

Great quote by Katee Sackhoff: "Every season we got picked up, I was shocked. I was like, ''Why do they keep watching this?'' I mean I know it's fantastic, but normally people don't watch what's good on TV; they watch what's easy." Oh so true...

Hmmm... the other photo galleries are pretty interesting too! Love their "cheat sheet": 'Battlestar Galactica' Cheat Sheet: 15 Things You Gotta Know set up for the beginning of Season 4 last spring:

Basically what you need to know:

1- Who are the CYLONS and why did they kill (almost) everyone?

2- The BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is the only thing protecting what's left of humanity as it heads for EARTH

3- RELIGION is a driving force for both humans and Cylons

4- Galactica is led by WILLIAM ADAMA, SAUL TIGH, and LEE "APOLLO" ADAMA

5- PRESIDENT ROSLIN had cancer, got cured, and now has it again

6- KARA ''STARBUCK'' THRACE is the best pilot in the fleet

7- GAIUS BALTAR, a brilliant scientist who helped destroy humanity, is exceedingly talented at surviving

8- Baltar's (literally) undying love is a Cylon known as NUMBER SIX

9- The Cylon known as SHARON ''ATHENA' VALERII had a baby with a human, KARL ''HELO'' AGATHON

10- CHIEF GALEN TYROL once loved a different Sharon "BOOMER" before either of them knew she was a Cylon

11- Cylon NUMBER THREE, known as D'ANNA BIERS, got a bit too curious about the final five Cylons

12- FOUR OF THE FINAL FIVE CYLONS just discovered who they really are (last episode of S3, to a very cool version of "All Along The Watchtower")



15- Everyone says FRAK. A lot.

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