11 Mar 2009

Cabo de las Huertas, home sweet home?

A teacher in the school where I'm doing my training (for teaching certificate) came across these two videos made by an old student from the school (I.E.S. Cabo Huertas, a couple blocks from my house). It's a rather ironical tale of the Cabo de las Huertas, the neighbourhood of Alicante we live in, and how City Hall has granted some marginally legal building permits and is ruining the coast. Oh, and there's a swan! :p In Spanish, but even if you don't understand it all has some nice views of the neighbourhood!

Mirad lo que hay por el YouTube!!! Un alumno del Instituto donde estoy haciendo las prácticas montó un vídeo sobre las construcciones semi-legales por la zona del Cabo. Muy bueno!!! Las risitas de "bote" quedan muy bien cada vez que habla del ayuntamiento... ;o)

Primera parte:

Segunda parte:

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