5 Apr 2009

Homework Horrors!

I remember joking around as a student (high school, university, whatever...) that "homework is bad for your health".

Well, this weekend I've just (re-)discovered the other side of the coin: homework is also bad for the teacher's health!!! I'm spending my weekend correcting exams and a serious bit of homework (counts for half the grade) I asked my students to turn in (the high school bio class I have as part of getting my teaching certificate)... and it is so annoying!!! Argh!!! Why couldn't I have remembered the lesson I already learned a couple of years ago when I was teaching English at the University of Liège? That if you give the students homework... then you have to spend hours and hours and hours correcting it afterwards! And it's not just the time you spend on each copy, it's the brain-wracking as to how many points to give each question, how much do you give them if they tried but just didn't get it, how many if they've got all the necessesary info but is also full of errors, wishing you could give extra points to the one student who did it perfectly... and so on and so forth.

Sigh! Rant over. Time to get back to correcting those papers...

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