9 Jun 2009

WOD isn't over!!!

It's still June 8th a.k.a. World Oceans Day somewhere on this planet for another couple of hours... so that means those final posts I got were still on the right date! ;o) Isn't it fun fiddling around with time zones? :p

So go check the Blog-A-Thon just below us for the latest entries and be prepared to do some travelling!


  1. CrazyCris i just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you. This was a wonderful fun project. I will be busy today reading WOD posts. Thank you so much for these.

  2. The credit goes to all the wonderful writers!

    This was a fun project indeed! :o)

  3. Cris, Please do leave all the post info and your most wonderful presentation up and running - it is too good not to continue to share - let us think of the 8th day of each month as WOD so declared in our hearts and consciousness of care. APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!

  4. Don't worry Rose, I never thought of taking the post down! It's there for all eternity! (or at least as long as blogger keeps this blog up and running!)



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