8 Jun 2009

World Oceans Day: Life in the Oceans

Oh boy, all this running around getting the rest of the posts up... and mine is the one giving me the most trouble! My marine biologist side got combined with my teaching side and I put together a power point as a kind of intro into Marine Biology and life in the oceans. I even figured out how to save it as a video file with music and everything! (after several tries to get the timing right) And now it turns out that neither Blogger video nor YouTube support the .mov video format (after I left them uploading when I went to teach this afternoon) and I can't upload it here! :o(
Serves me right for trying to be so technical at the last minute... :p

Well, thankfully there's a website called SlideShare that's basically YouTube for Powerpoint Presentations! So, while I can't give you the video, you can still see the slideshow! I hope you find it interesting! You can either hit PLAY or go slide by slide (might be preferable, the thing goes by a bit quickly).

So do me a favour, find a recording somewhere of waves crashing or some nice music (as originally intended) and then dive in:

This is meant as a sort of companion piece (the scientific side) to the Redheaded Shutterbug's Aquatic Critters From Down South. After reading everyone else's I worry mine might feel a bit drab now! Hope not!


  1. Argh! Damn thing's a bit too wide for the page! Words are missing here and there... And I don't know how to fiddle with it to make it narrower or with blogger to make my column wider...

    Must find some kind of html course for this summer... :p

  2. thanks for putting on a great blog-a-thon today. was great to meet everyone and see their take on the oceans.

  3. Anonymous9/6/09 04:19

    I wholeheartedly agree with Brian. This World Oceans Day Blog-A-Thon is a huge undertaking, and you've done such an amazing job, and I love, love reading all those great blogs and meeting some truly classy people.

  4. I'd call it a success! It was great that there was such a diverse offering. I loved being educated as well as reading poetry and looking at beautiful photographs. Great job Cris! Take tomorrow off if you like...

  5. It was a great post!
    If you ever need a reference, I'd visit www.htmlgoodies.com! You seem to have gotten it all sorted out, though. You did a great job hosting the blog-a-thon, and I enjoyed getting to see all the different perspectives people had. You made your page a perfect rallying point!
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. Thanks for the tip Nicky! I've bookmarked the site and when I've got some time available I'll start digging through it!

    Glad everyone enjoyed themselves! :o)


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