24 Jun 2009

Hogueras by Night!

Well, after a loooong night out and not enough hours of sleep, I'm back at my desk fiddling with this blog instead of down by the pool. Can anyone say blogging addiction? ;o) Nah, I'm just having too much fun sharing all this!

So in that spirit, I thought I'd share some images of what things look like during Hogueras once the sun's gone down! Starting with City Hall:
Here's the "Official" city hoguera again (Sun and Moon) with people milling about.
And you remember the images and video of the Ofrenda - the flower offering - I posted 2 days ago? Well here's what the finished result is:
And I had a good laugh when I came across this small Hoguera, would have been perfect for our World Oceans Day event! It's the Plaza de Santa Maria Hoguera (3rd category), by artist Francisco López.

These two fellahs are great! The sign under them says "La gamba de platja vol enfosquir-se la pell i es torra hores al sol per ser bruna de nivell", something along the lines of "the beach shrimp wants to burn its skin so spends hours in the sun to be darker"... a nod to all the northern tourists you see leaving the airport of Alicante... with skin so bright red it hurts just to look at them! :p
And here we're looking down at a Barraca where the members of the previous Hoguera are finishing off their dinner and drinks and dancing 'till they drop:
And finally the famous fires on the beach:
We never made it to the water! Try getting through those crowds... scary!!! Should have gone when we made it down town (you could just see a few fires here and there, not many people), but we were running late for dinner! :s Oh well, that goes on my list of things to NOT miss next year! ;o)

Hmmm... the pictures don't say much without the music... perhaps this will help!

And to finish off, this is what I woke up to this morning:

was looking around for the marching band like crazy, finally saw them on the other street. Dunno why they stayed off my street this year...


  1. WOW!!!
    Sensory overload??????
    Visually incredible.
    Thank you!

  2. Those floats are beautiful! Unbelievable. Do you know if they are reused another year?

  3. Floats? There aren't any floats in there!

    If by floats you mean the Hogueras, those big structures, then those are built on the ground... and nope, not reused, they get burnt tonight!

  4. I so want to be there next year! File those 'ocean day' pics for next year's blog-a-thon! They're great! Loved your wake-up call! Sorry for all the !!!, but it's !!!

  5. Thanks for the explanation Cris - my apologies, as they look similar to the floats we have in parades around here. I can't believe all that beautiful work gets torched!

  6. Hey, I'm writing full of !!!! as well! And I've seen all this before! :p

    Yeah, it is a bit sad when you stop to think of all those beautiful artworks just burning away... the people who are really involved in it often cry when the flames start. But then 2 days later they're already starting to plan the following year's event! ;o)

  7. All these pics and vidios are superb! It seems You had a very good time...seing all these pics we had a fun with you as well! Thanks...

  8. Chris, I had such a great time "attending" these events with you! I love all the Hogueras, but the tanning shrimps are my favs, they remind me the northern tourists we get in Florida also.

    So, I'm patiently waiting for the Obama closeup. Was that subtle enough? [hugs]

  9. coming! coming!

    I still have 4 Hogueras posts pending! A photo-tour of various Hogueras, some pics and video of the Cremà, ditto for the fireworks competition... and yes of course a post dedicated to Obama's roasting in Alicante! He actually showed up in 3 different Hogueras!

    Things have been so hectic at home these past 5 days I haven't had time to go through pictures or videos, let alone blog... my sister came over with 5 friends from London for the tail end of the fiestas... and having a full house of partying people makes it impossible to get anything done that requires concentration!

    but... coming soon!!! ;o)

  10. Oh Cris, you are the best! I just love having something to look forward to and I am very patient, I'm living on beach time after all.


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