10 Jun 2009

Movie Magic: Potter Wednesdays

So we're over a month into "Blockbuster Season". Of those I was most looking forward to this summer (see here) Star Trek, Wolverine, and Terminator Salvation are out and have been seen and talked about (and I've even let myself get hauled off to see Angels and Demons)... so what's left? Well Public Enemies for one, but that doesn't hit Spanish screens until mid August! *sigh* But much as I'm a fan of Depp, Bale and Cotillard (what an explosive combo that will be!), what I'm really excited about this summer is more of that Hogwarts magic!

Alan Rickman will finally have much more to do in this one! We get more crazy from Helena Bonham Carter! The quidditch drought from the previous movies is finally over and even better we get to see Ron's big day! Draco Malfoy finally gets to do more than just glare at Harry, and then there's that big heart-wrenching finale that will send us all home in tears! Need I say more?! ;o)

Unfortunately that's still over a month away *snif!*, so to help me pass the time I've decided to watch those magical kids grow up on a weekly basis! Why Wednesdays? Well because the official release date is a Wednesday so seemed like as good a day as any! (although I'll actually watch them Tuesday night when I get back from teaching and then write it up Wednesday mornings)

Why the movies and not the books? Well I've read the books so many times I've lost count (I started reading them when book 4 had just come out, and since then I re-read them all each time a new one was out), but in spite of having the dvds on the shelf I don't think I've re-watched them more than once or twice (which isn't much for me, I only buy dvds I know I will see again and again and again), so it's time to put the movies back in the spotlight. Also, there's something amazing about watching those kids grow up on screen, seeing them do a better job each time around. And then there's the music... just hearing the first bars of John Williams's theme gives me the goosebumps!

So stay tuned for "Potter Wednesdays" and if like me you found yourself swept into J.K.Rowling's magical world in spite of your original doubts ("a children's novel? how sweet, thanks, yes I'll get around to reading it someday..."), then don't hesitate to share your thoughts on the subject! I'll start it off next Wednesday, if my calculations are correct at one a week I should finish them off for the Half Blood Prince big date! (even though I've opted to wait a week to see it when in London, so no dubbing!!!)

See you next week! And remember, the Hogwarts Express leaves from Kings Cross Platform 9 3/4 at precisely 11 a.m. so don't be late! ;o)


  1. i am shamed to say it never really grabbed me. i have friends that dressed up for each book release, and had fun with them...i don't know why, it just didn't. Sounds like you are going to have great fun with it though! maybe i will give the movies a chance to change my mind...

  2. I wish I had had the chance to do the crazy at least once for the books, but sadly nothing was ever done in any of the cities I was in (or nearby) when the books came out!

    I understand that about certain books not grabbing you while they have others, I've had the same feeling!

    But if you only tried the first book then maybe the movies will help change your mind! The story gets better as the books advance, like Rowling was learning more about how to be a writer with each passing volume. Unfortunately that also means larger books and so more stuff left out of the movies after number 3 (which is pretty much the best one).

    And yes, I do enjoy them! Be it in books or in movies! They're just so magical! :o)

  3. Potter Wednesdays, yay!
    I find myself more obsessed with both the books and the movies as the release date for the sixth movie draws near.
    I've seen most of the trailers enough to know them by heart, and I can't wait to see the next movie.
    My bf threatened to disown me if I wore Hogwarts robes to the theater.

  4. oooooh, wear robes?! what a great idea!!! have you got a set to spare? ;o)
    if only I could get myself to London 10 days earlier than I'm going then I'd be there for the premier and my sister and I could go all Potter-crazy.... I think it would be fun to do at least once! :p

    yeah, as the date gets closer and closer and closer... I get more impatient! I was so upset last fall when they switched it from Thanksgiving to this summer! And not even the beginning of summer but the middle! cabrones!!!

  5. Oh..I will like to do the same with you! I like the books more than movies .But seing movies is also great! Actually these movies gave faces to the characters in the book...

  6. try it! that we can talk it over together afterwards!!! ;o)

    I think a big part of the success of the films is the casting... they got really lucky with that selection of child actors who have just grown so wonderfully into their roles with each film! :o)

  7. Love Harry Potter! Yes, I am fully aware that I am too old for it but I love it anyway! I was at university when they filmed the first movie - we didn't even know the cast then but we all went to stare at the little kids in robes wandering around the streets. Despite my best efforts, I failed to make it into the background!

  8. Too old? Nah!!!

    I'm one of those people who believes age is just a number to be ignored! (unless some part of your body starts groaning and telling you otherwise, lol!). In fact "age" didn't start meaning anything to me until my "baby" sister hit 18... I was like "wtf?! how did that happen?!" Otherwise, just a number!

    So one can never be too old to enjoy some well told movie magic! Hey, those classic Disney films sold to theatres full of ADULTS!

    You got to see some of the movies being made on campus?! What fun!!! Where was that, Cambridge?

    I'm such a movie nut I'd love for the chance to pop up in the background or be an extra just once... would be another crazy tale for me to share afterwards! :p


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