13 Jun 2009

A must-see: HOME

Have you heard of this film?

HOME, by photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand (click on his name sends you to his very complete website, or go to wikipedia biography).

I just saw it after lunch, a friend brought the dvd over... perhaps a wee bit slow for "siesta" time (very poetic, lovely music and images can soothe you a bit too much). It's WONDERFUL! The story just flows from one sequence to the next like water down a stream to the river and on to the ocean. Via a bird's eye view we're told the history of our planet, from the first appearance of water, oxygen, living organisms, to man's rise and evolution from hunter-gatherer to farmer to city-dweller. We see from above the impact our actions have had on certain ecosystems. And we get to see certain actions already in place to alleviate some of it.

Amazingly enough you can see the whole film on their YouTube page!!! Click here. Set some time aside, it lasts almost 2h, but is well worth it!


  1. Oh my gosh Cris, thanks for that link, I'm totally going to watch that either tonight or tomorrow afternoon!!! As soon as the trailer started, I was immediately hooked!!!

  2. Me too! I've gotta make the time.

  3. report back and share your thoughts on it! :o)

  4. wow - can't believe they have put it up for free! Guess the message is more important.

    Completely unrelated can't believe the fuss being made of Murray winning Queens - he had no competition, no one plays Queens. Sheeeeeeeeesh....!!!!

  5. It was very good and I agree that putting it online may help to expand knowledge of global warming.

  6. O, I was going to ask you if there was any "reaction" to the Murray victory! I couldn't see the match, was hanging out with a friend who's going through a rough patch in her relationship... but from what my Dad said it ended awful fast... pity Rafa wasn't there to make it more exciting! ;o) hopefully his knee will be well enough to let him fight for Wimbledon...

    Yeah Josh, online definitely helps get the message out! But part of me can't help but wishing it had hit the big screens as well... those images are gorgeous and my computer screen doesn't do them justice! :p

  7. Hi Cris, I'm just heading to bed, I didn't watch Home yet, but I just watched Hellboy!!! I'm a big Ron Pearlman fan ever since I saw him in "The Name Of The Rose"! and he wasn't too shabby in one of those Alien movies too!!! (I like muscle men, ha ha)...I liked the look of the movie, but I wasn't crazy about it in general. But it could be just my own preference in movies...I heard Hellboy 2 was 5x better than the first, so I look foward to it! Oh, I saw it on tv, btw, so I'm sure the best parts were edited!!! Still though, with the special effects, I TOTALLY look forward to Guillermo's take on The Hobbit!!!

  8. Ron Perlman was in Alien? I don't remember!

    I finally couldn't watch it this weekend, had a friend over who required some cheering up... will pick it up some time this week and compare notes!

  9. Yeah, he was in the last one Alien4? The one where Winona Ryder was in too.


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