4 Jun 2009

How about some Lemonade?

Wow, I just got a juicy blogging award!

The Lemonade Award was granted to me by fellow polyglot and traveller Herrad who somehow manages to juggle several blogs (I'm still figuring out just the one!), particularly a very honest one about living with Multiple Sclerosis: Access Denied-Living With Multiple Sclerosis.

Dank u wel!

I'm guessing this has something to do with my oceanic crazyness this week since it's given to people who have a postive attitude! I like to think I do... most of the time. :p

I'm still new at this award thing but I believe I'm now supposed to share the Award and explain the rules:
  1. Put the award logo on your blog.
  2. Nominate at least 10 bloggers that have a positive attitude.
  3. Be sure to list and link your nominees within your post.
  4. Let them know they have received this award by leaving a comment on their blog.
Now comes the hard part, sending it back out! How to pick and choose?! I never much liked having to do that, always afraid someone would feel bad if I picked wrong! I might not make it to 10... It's complicated by the fact that I'm still new to the blogging world and have been following a few blogs for just a short time. But in that time there are a few that have struck me as having a very positive attitude towards life:

Lover of Life from Life in the Second Half whom I discovered thanks to the Blogs of Note and is always very inspiring in whatever she posts.

O from The Road There was one of my earliest followers and gave me my first award. She seems to lead a rather eventful life in London and I love the way she talks about Spain! ;o)

Life with Dogs post consistently amusing posts, and this week they're trying to educate people about greyhounds so more will get adopted!

Rain over at Mountain Momma always has some cheerful and interesting posts up and frequently stops by here to leave me some lovely comments!

Hilary from The Smitten Image tells some lovely tales through images, including recently a baby racoon rescue adventure!

Angie has set herself the amazing goal of reading A Book A Day for a year, and shares her thoughts on each tale in a rather amusing manner, including lots of quirky and funny anecdoted about her family. Never dull!

and I'll wrap things up with Nikina from Nik's Backyard who has been a delightful and frequent commenter here since she joined and appears to be a fellow traveller!

I hope you enjoy perusing through their blogs! And for the recipients do what you will with the award, I know some of you get quite a few and it's not always simple to pass it along!



  1. Anonymous5/6/09 01:00

    Hi Cris! Thanks for the nice words! I posted today that I just can't keep up with the awards or tags anymore, but I appreciate your thought!

  2. I totally understand! I imagine it can be a bit overwhelming if they accumulate... I just spent a couple of hours composing a response to the reception of this award... and I'm now a couple of hours past my intended bed-time! :p

  3. Anonymous5/6/09 01:07

    Oh no! Ha ha. Get to bed young lady! I find it's fun and nice, but it seems to be cycling around a little too much lately and I was so overwhelmed! Plus I'd like to concentrate on my writing for now. Thanks for understanding!!!

  4. Hi CrazyCris,

    Great choices and lovely to see three blogs I did not know yet.
    Can't wait to go and visit.

  5. Thank you very much :) like u I am new and still trying to figure this little blog world out :)I met some awesome people over the last few weeks and am glad that some of them find some time to read my little blog :) thanks again Cris, I really enjoy to come here :)

  6. Thanks so much for the award CrazyChris. I really appreciate it - and I'm kind of surprised to be getting an award for a positive attitude since it feels like all I do on my blog is gripe and complain about all the things I didn't like about the books I read.

  7. Positive attitude Angie 'cause of this amazing thing you're trying to do which is read a wide variety of books, daring to go into subjects and types that you usually wouldn't and even though you do gripe about how bad some of them are... you always try to find something positive a bout them!

    If you only read books you felt fairly sure about before hand you'd probably miss out on some hidden gems.

    so keep it up! :o)

    PS: and that way you're pointing me towards some interesting books and away from others! ;o)

  8. Hey Nikina! I'm glad to share the love!

    I agree it can be a bit overwhelming at times finding one's feet (and voice) in the blogging world, so encouragement always helps. You go girl!! :o)

  9. Herrad, Thx again for the award! And glad I could introduce you to a few new blogs! I hope you enjoy them! :o)

  10. Thanks! I am going to Spain again next week but this time for 'work'! haha. Can't wait - I completely love it.

  11. then speaking of lemonade... ask for a "limon granizado"! i.e. lemon slushie-type drink. very refreshing!!!


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