17 May 2009

An award?! Oh WOW!!!

I'm full of Blogging Pride at the moment... I just got my first Blog Award!!! :o)

O from The Road There gave me the award along with some lovely words.


Now it's my turn to follow the rules (aha! it seems blogging awards have rules to be followed!), answer the questions, and share the love. So here goes! ;o)

Rules: Respond and rework. Answer the questions on your blog, replace one question you dislike with a question of your own invention, and add one additional question (hmmm... so I guess this thing could grow exponentially as it makes it's way across the blogverse).
Unfortunately I'm not very good about playing by the rules, I tend to bend them a bit, so look for a few lopsided or composited answers from me!

1). What is your current obsession?
Blogging! I'm afraid my main procrastination activity is becoming something of an addiction! :p

2). Where are you right now?
Alicante, Spain... smack looking out over the bright blue Mediterranean.

3). Coffee or tea?
TEA! (Earl Grey as the default option, others depending on mood)

4).What's one of your favourite movies?
Only one? Ouch! How to choose between Star Wars and Lord of the Rings? ;o)

5). What's one thing you're looking forward to?
The day after I defend my PhD Thesis, whenever that may be. I'll be in full William Wallace mode, ready to yell out at the top of my lungs: FREEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOM!

6). Who was your childhood crush?
Luke Skywalker... until the day I realised he (well Mark Hamill) was 20 when I was born. *sigh*

7). What is your (current) favourite Song?
Another frustrating question... Can't do "current" so I'm just going to go with an age-old favourite that I always thought represented me well since I was a kid: Thank You For The Music by ABBA

8). What would you like to get rid of?
15 kgs and my current sense of lethargy.

9). What's your favourite book?
Hands down Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. I've lost track of the number of times I've read it. I love getting lost in its pages! :o)

10). Why did you start your blog?
Here's an original answer: it was HOMEWORK! :p (see first post here). For the ITC class in my Teaching Certificate programme. Then I slowly got hooked and it's been downhill from there... ;o)

11). If money was not an issue, what is one thing you would purchase for yourself?
A nice chalet on the Mediterranean coast. With plenty of room for a library, guest rooms, spacious living areas, garden and pool, and with nothing blocking the view of the sea!

12). If you could live in a foreign country, which one would you choose?
What would you define as "foreign"? I don't really have a "home" country! And do you mean live for a while or to settle down in? 'Cause I still have no idea as to where I'd like to "settle" down (although Spain is gaining traction) but there are plenty I'd luuuuuv to live in for a few years! For the purpose of this post I'll go with New Zealand... a few years there would allow to get in shape hiking through some gorgeous parks, do some wonderful diving and give me the chance to visit neighbouring countries.

13). What is one trait about yourself that you wish you could change?
My indecision. I would like to be more sure of myself and what I want in life, and then go for it!

14). Tipple of choice?
With a meal red wine, preferably a Rioja (although in summer sangria is an acceptable alternative). For a cocktail, a mojito or a strawberrie daikiri. And for a night out on the town, dancing 'till dawn, rhum&coke always!

15). What is one trait about yourself you're proud of?
Loyalty to my friends. They know I'd walk through fire for them!

And now for the fun part! I get to tag 5 others to spread the love around and help this list of questions gros! :o)

I'd like to share it with:

Lover of Life who's blog Life in the Second Half is so very sweet and inspiring and as a thank you for frequently visiting me here and leaving me lovely comments!

The Grand High Poobah over at NeoLibrarium also for stopping by frequently and for hosting such a great spot with insightful reviews on the books she reads as well as for having such great litterary taste! And let's not forget hosting a "guest review" by me!

The guys over at Sci-Phi (Josh and Brian) for providing such interesting discussions and giving me food for thought!

Benjamin from Spiral Reverie also for writing insightful posts on a wide variety of subjects (although the ones that got me hooked were sci-fi related) and providing some interesting conversation.

And since apparently you can't tag back the person who gave it to you (otherwise number 5 would be O) I'm going to leave it at 4. Since I'm still rather new to the blogging world I don't follow too many Blogs, and half of those I do are more sources of information than places and people I interact with.

to all of you: your Blogs are as deer to me as cupcakes! :o)


  1. Anonymous18/5/09 00:33

    Congrats Sweetie! You deserve it. You make me laugh so hard, that Luke Skywalker was your crush, ha ha. I was more into Han Solo - you know the reckless, rebel type of guy!

  2. well, let's say I've always been a romantic. But as I've gotten older my tastes have definitely leaned more towards Han Solo and similar... ;o)


  3. congrats- Josh from Sci-Phi

  4. Congratulations, and thanks for the award share! :)

    Earl Grey tea is good stuff. Snapple was making a really nice bottled iced tea version of it for a while, but I haven't seen it on store shelves here in quite some time. I'm hoping it hasn't been discontinued. Always nice to have variety in my bottled iced tea addiction.

  5. Thx guys!

    I've never been much for bottled ice tea... but if there's an Earl Grey iced tea out there I'd just have to try it at least once! ;o)

  6. Congrats on your first award. Well done!

    And thank you for your kind words and passing it on to me. You are very sweet!

  7. I'm loving all these compliments... but my face keeps getting redder by the minute! which for a carrot-top is rather visible! :p


  8. Oh, I would so love a library in my house too - it would be really snug and have those little moving ladders to reach the top shelves and lots of little nooks to sit and read.

    I didn't realise you sang in a choir - cool!

  9. oooh yes one of those ladders!!! I hadn't thought of that! I just want a nice cosy room full of aaaaall my books (and space for more) with a good sound system and a comfy chair to read in. That's not asking for too much is it? :p


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