18 May 2009

Music Maestro!

Woah! A friend just linked me to a page with a podcast from my Choir's concert last Friday, sweet! And since it's got a video that can be embeded I think I'll share it here! ;o)

Just a one minute fragment from our Baroque Concert. We sang works by Bach, Purcell, Zipolli and Buxtehude (a bit of which is in the video), accompanied by a string quartet and a clavecin (dunno the name in English). Hmmm... hearing oneself sing isn't always such a good idea though, I'm picking out all the little mistakes we made! :p
Still, not at all bad for a University Choir, all amateurs (except for the director). :o)

Looks like we got a good review on Alicante musical website Alicantissimo as well! They're the ones who provide the video btw, so here goes!

Coral Universitaria de Alicante cantando Jesu, meine Freude de Buxtehude:


  1. You sounded wonderful! What a great thing to do. Unfortunately, no one would allow me in their choir. How do you say "tone deaf"? LOL!

  2. Thanks! I love singing, it's very relaxing for me and is something I've been doing since forever! Church choirs, High School Choir, University Choir (two different universities)... I'll take whatever I can get!

    Tone deaf... I actually don't know what you'd call that in Spanish!

    But they'd probably send you off to La Mancha (central region of Spain) like my Mom (was a constant threat when she was in high school)... due to a Spanish saying that when someone sings badly / off key etc... it rains! (and central Spain is always going through a drought so they need it)

  3. I know how you feel about listening to yourself sing.
    I pulled out the recording of my junior recital (I play, not sing) and I got through the first few minutes before I stopped the cd. I kept hearing mistakes and it made me crazy!
    I spent only one semester in the University Choir (required credit) and I learned very quickly that singing was not my forte. I did manage to match pitch though, so once the piano played our part I was okay.
    It was nerve wracking to sing in the concert! I'd much rather play than sing!

  4. Ah... the advantage of singing over playing an instrument is that it requires less practice (unless you're a pro) and it's usually done within the comparative protective cocoon of a group! ;o)

    I used to play the flute as well but had to stop due to lack of time to practice... :s


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