18 May 2009

Illustrating "Moros y Cristianos" in San Vicente, take 3: Entrada Mora

I'm afraid I've been a bit busy this (past) week so haven't had time to finishing touching up and selecting the pics for this post (and the Flickr album). Finally managed to work on then yesterday in between serves during the Madrid Master's Final... can't believe Federer finally beat Nadal (and on clay!!!), I can't remember when I last saw that, what stress! Particularly after that amazing match between Nadal and Djokovic last night.

Anyhow, back to the business at hand, MOROS!!! ;o) If you're new here you're probably wondering what I'm taking about. I wrote a detailed post about the whole crazy event here, but in summary it's sort of a re-creation / celebration of the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors in the 8th century and the reconquest by the Christian Kingdoms over the subsequent 7 centuries (culminating in the fall of Granada in January 1492). The crazy parades and fiesta take place over several days (in the case of the town of San Vicente fortunately most of it is on the weekend). I "illustrated" the Entrada Cristiana in this post, and some of the nightime activities -the Moorish Embassy- in this post.

And now to finish it off, the Entrada Mora on the afternoon of Sunday April 19th. I missed the tail end of the parade because I had to take some friends to the airport, but I did get to see most of it! The two groups -Comparsas- with bigger roles start and close off the parade: the Comparsa Tuareg with the Capitanía Mora, and the Comparsa Benimerines with the Alferecía Mora (the names of the different Comparsas are supposedly related to different arab tribes or kingdoms in the Peninsula).

So, here goes! I've added more photos to my Flickr album, to see them click here. You can make these pics bigger by clicking on them. Enjoy!

First Tuareg troups clearing a path...
Beautiful horses...
Leading the charge
Water... such an essential element for a desert tribe!
A squad of archers
A dromedary! (and there were donkeys and goats and oxen as well!)
Ready for battle?

More dancers...
A moving market!

More troups:
El Capitán and his wife:
Closing up the ranks of the Tuaregs
Members of other Comparsas:

Troups staged and ready and waiting to head out!
Getting ready to head out:
A tired Moro Nuevo suffering the consequences of the previous night's fiesta:

A crazy Benimerin waiting to launch the tail-end of the parade:


  1. Anonymous18/5/09 22:39

    Those are so cool! I love seeing those photos, I'd never see them here that's for sure. You captured the ladies in yellow/gold dancing very well!
    That photo of the poor guy is hillarious, too much fiesta right?
    Ha ha.

  2. Those girls were gorgeous! And mesmerising! What I like best about all this is that (other than the acrobats) it's all done by local people. Those girls (and the others, the "belly dancers") probably worked their a$$es off all year to get it right!

    Yeah, poor fellah! He's one of my friends' boyfriend, and he was sooooo much into the fiesta the night before... I think they headed home around 6 a.m., I didn't hit the sack until 8... But then I could sleep all morning and he had to get up for some "official" acts! :p

  3. Anonymous18/5/09 23:03

    Oh my gosh, I don't think I could pull an "all-nighter" anymore, I'd be too sleepy! Aaaah, aging!

  4. ageing has nothing to do with it... it just requires staying in practice!

    that and some good music ;o)

  5. Anonymous19/5/09 01:56

    Ha ha, now I have permission for that second glass of wine right?

  6. second and third! no effects worth noting until at least the third... ;o)

  7. Thanks - this was so cool. I liked the guy at the end - LOL!

  8. yeah, he's a blast! crazy enough to be locked up in a loony bin, but definitely someone around when you want to have some fun!


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