4 May 2009

Looking outside my window...

Over on Life In The Second Half a request was made for an image of what the world looks like outside our window... so here go a few pictures of what it looks like from my living room. I couldn't find one for a "nice, normal day" and right now it's too hazy for a nice pic, but I'll share a few others that I prefer anyway because the view here is nicest when the sky gets "interesting". This usually happens during Spring and Fall storms, and even better with winter sunsets. Should make it easy to understand why I prefer working on the dining room table than in my office... :p

The first two illustrate why we try and be home for sunsets in the winter... ;o)

This one's a storm front moving over the bay. Most of our storms roll in from the sea, but this one snuck in overland! I have yet to catch a good storm shot... must keep that in mind next time the thunder rolls! ;o)
And these last two were taken a few weeks ago once the sky started clearing up after an all-day rain fest (very rare event here).
So, any images from home anyone else would like to share?


  1. I can't believe that is the view from your window! You have got it so good!

  2. yeah... but I'd have it even better if it were truly MY window (as opposed to my parents'), but still, can't really complain, can I? ;o)

    All that blue just a 5' walk away... can you believe I barely go down once a week in summer?! the heat is really hard for me...

  3. wow thats an amzing view. I was thinking about posting my view when i read "life in the second half's" blog. I should...ya I should. :)

  4. That's a great view. The sunsets remind me of back home, strangely enough. I'm from the middle of a very flat arid climate, but the sunsets were always gorgeous there. Now,my windows look out onto the apartments right across from me so it's not worth taking pictures of.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. well, we've definitely got a pretty arid climate, in spite of being on the coast! :p

    I really miss these sunsets in summer when it gets so hazy due to the ambient humidity that the sky doesn't look much like anything! But at least I can go swimming then. ;o)

    Niki, I hear you on having only appartments to gaze upon outside your window. For 3 years in Belgium all I had to look out to was a Berlitz language school! ugh! Then I moved and got a view of the river. But still not as good as now. ;o)

    Nikina, I'll stop by to see what your view looks like! :o)

  6. Beautiful sunsets! I can see why you try to be home for them. Also, you can see the ocean from your window? Wow, how wonderful!

  7. the Mediterranean Sea actually!
    Much better than the Ocean... 'cause it's a lot warmer!!! Sigh! Living here has spoiled me for the colder waters I used to be able to tolerate as a kid/teenager... the beach down here gets VERY warm in August... almost too warm! (although my Mother would disagree... it can never be too warm for her)


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