7 May 2009

Illustrating "Moros y Cristianos" in San Vicente, take 1: Entrada Cristiana

Oh boy... Haven't I posted these yet?! That's what happens when life gets in the way of blogging. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Shame on me! :p

Part of the problem was that I had a hell of a time choosing only a few photos (click on them for better viewing) to put here as Blogger isn't unfortunately the best spot to share pictures... So for those interested in seeing more, there a link at the bottom to an album on Flickr. I'll post two more groups (nightime shots and Moors) over the next couple of days.

If you haven't seen my previous entry on this rather unique Alicante festivity, it's in the Blog's April Archive, or you can just click here.

Today's selection are from the "Entrada Cristiana" on Sat. April 18th, in San Vicente del Raspeig (small town next to Alicante, Spain). The two groups with "extra" roles are at either end: Los Astures (representing a northern Spanish "kingdom") with the "Captanía" and Los Maseros (representing farmers etc.) with the "Alferecía".

Some of the dancers (peacocks!):

the Captain's "avant-garde":
The Captain and his lady:
Troups from other "comparsas":
Comparsa Contrabandistas:
"Mock" fights:
Participants of all ages!
a young crusader
and his elders
a young princess
and her "soldiers"
Comparsa Estudiantes
The beginning of the end (boato de Comparsa Maseros):

I hope you enjoyed them! The rest of this grouping can be found in my Flickr album:
They tell a much more complete story so go check them out!


  1. wow the costumes are gorgeous...i have to go and check out your flickr :)

  2. Anonymous8/5/09 18:58

    Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow - fiesta time!

    I know it's wrong, but my pea brain can't help but look at those pictures and crave sangria...

  4. now that you mention it... I do believe we had sangría with dinner that night! ;o)

    Sangría... such a deliciously dangerous combination of alcohols, fruit and sugar... beware the next day!!! :p


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