1 May 2009

May Flowers


(well I hope this appears May 1st, I'm going to try and "schedule" this post as I'm heading out to Barcelona for the weekend and I really wanted to share these flowers on MayDay!)

Hmmm... although technically they should be "April Flowers" since that's when they were shot... ;o)

A few posts ago I shared flowers and new growth on trees in a lot in front of my appartment. (click for post here) Today I'm going for wild flowers: weeds and shrubs! All local (i.e. Mediterranean) plants, but am afraid don't have the time now to look up the names (I should have them written somewhere, I collected all of them for my "herbarium" for Freshman Botany). All in a "protected" (not very well I might say) area that slides down towards the Mediterranean. Enjoy!
A member of the carnation family I think

This is one of my favourites, I always love the rich colours, so rare in a land of pastels! It's also pretty hard to spot (tiny!) so am very proud of having photographed it. If I remember correctly 5 petals like this means it's part of the same family as apples etc... And if you look closely there are some even tinier yellow ones, those belong to the family "Labiada", same as thyme, rosemary, lavendar etc... (will have to go into the hills and photograph those some day!)

A member of the "Compuesta" family (in other words each "flower" is actually hundreds of flowers! each "petal" is really its own flower).

Fuzzy purple flowers!!! ;o)

I remember these guys were so hard to dry and press properly...

PS: Oh, and I know I promised some pictures from the crazy "Moros" weekend, but things have been hectic and haven't gotten around to working on those yet. They'll have to wait 'till next week. Sorry!


  1. Lol. The colourful flowers are a good surprise from the sparse-looking shrubs. These are nice

  2. yeah, for a few weeks a year we get some colour in amongst our shrubs and rather sparse trees! :p


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