25 Jun 2009


Have been way to out of it today after two nights out and about enjoying Hogueras to edit photos and video... but I did want to give you a taste. I thought this would be a nice equivalent of blowing out some candles for my 100th post! (my that came along a lot sooner than I expected!)

Hogueras are over for this year... but tonight a 5-day fireworks competition starts at the beach. I won't be heading down tonight, I need my zzzzzzs, but if I'm still awake at midnight I'll head up to the roof and enjoy the view (you can se the entire Alicante Bay from my place so it's a good spot to see the fireworks from, even if you get the "sound" a few seconds later, what with light travelling faster than sound and all that)


  1. Anonymous26/6/09 02:49

    I love the photo! Happy 100th!! That's so cool that you have such a nice view from the roof!

  2. Next year can I watch from your rooftop? That is if I get rich between now and then...

  3. hold on! hold on!

    disclaimer: that picture wasn't taken from my roof!!! that one's downtown within 20m of the burning Hoguera!

    the fireworks can be seen from my roof (and yes you're welcome to join me for the viewing next year!) but they're much better from the beach! I'll put some pics up to compare the two views in a couple of days.

    and it was a really nice fireworks show last night! tonight I'll head down to the beach... :o)


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