12 Jun 2009

Ever heard of the food chain?

Beware of Nature's call! ;o)

I received this in a forward from my cousin this morning and just had to share it here! I used to worry about snakes as a kid out camping... but lions?! Oh my!


  1. I wouldn't even think about doing that! My bootie is so large, there's no doubt it would most likely mistaken for a wounded wildebeest.

  2. Anonymous12/6/09 17:10

    Holy crap!

  3. I hope the lady in the photo is happy with her new-found fame! ...and here I worried about poison ivy! Here kitty, kitty...

  4. And then she turns around and says "Down Simba!" and the cat slinks off...
    Surely the person taking the picture notified her that she was looking like the main course.

  5. you guys have me laughing myself off my chair!

    yeah, I'm sure somebody must have warned her... right after they took the shot! :p

  6. Crazy tourist to wife, "Honey, I want to get a picture of you with that big kitty."

    I've camped in grizzly country but I tried to pay a little more attention to my surroundings than that.


  7. At first I was so totally offended for this young lady. How rude to treat a fellow wild child. AND THEN..she's everybodies target. OH MY! and yes chris, Rain bounced me right out of my chair too.


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