20 Jun 2009

Hogueras: La Planta! SJ-4

Tah-dah! Hogueras "officially" start today: June 20th is the Plantà!

Today streets started getting blocked off to make room for each Hoguera and the adjoining "festivities" area (tables for all the participating neighbours, kitchen area w/ drinks and food, a stage for a DJ or a band). Remember that street (mine) I showed you yesterday? Check it out now:
Depending on the size and number of elements involved, some Hogueras will be set up more quickly than others. The Plantà is when the Hogueras "officially" get set up (but like I wrote yesterday, some of the bigger Hogueras got a heads start on Thursday). Tomorrow the Jury will travel around town visiting all the Hogueras and on Monday the awards in the different Categories will be announced!

The following pictures are from the Hoguera Condomina (celebrating its 10th anniversary):
bringing in one of the "ninots"
while others wait their turn...

And while the grown-ups are taking care of all that, what are the kids up to?
(petardo = firecracker)


  1. I love how the community has so many opportunities to have fun and enjoy life.

  2. This is definitely the biggest event of the year for people to come together and do things, but not the only one! During the summer there are neighbourhood parties as well, and certain neighbourhoods also have other events throughout the year such as Moros y Cristianos (one neighbourhood in Alicante does it) and the Holy Week Processions.

    People live out on the streets here! (as can be deduced by the small size of rooms in appartments)


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