19 Jun 2009

Hogueras Preparations, SJ-5!

Only 5 nights to go 'till la Nit de San Joan... and coinciding with the weekend things are shifting into a higher gear around here!

There have been 5 nights of Mascletàs, today the big daytime Mascletà competition started (more on that in the next post), the big Hogueras got a heads start yesterday on the smaller ones (which get set up tomorrow, official day of La Plantà), lights are up all over town, barriers piled up on the sides of streets ready to block them off as of tomorrow (or today even), and with kids finally out of school for the summer the number of firecrackers being set off around the neighbourhood has increased. There's FIESTA in the air! :o)

And here go a few photos to illustrate all this! Click on 'em for bigger views.

This street (2 blocks from my place) will be completely different tomorrow... no cars, barricades, and a couple of Hogueras
Lights are up
Barricades are piled up, and if you look to the left you'll see many fiesta essentials (food, drink) are already there! ;o)
Finishing touches on the plaza in front of City Hall
They got a head start on the "official" Hoguera yesterday and now are practically done! (will get more photos another day)
Ninots from the Hoguera Rambla all wrapped up
Look at this fella' raging to get out!
"Official" viewing stands for the parades are up, as are the lights on the Rambla
In front of the Cathedral all is ready for the flower offering on Sunday and Monday. The artists will make a flowery tunic for the virgin from the the bouquets that the different Comisiones de Hogueras will bring her.
Very necessary element:
Hungry? These places get set up all over town! Delicious, but not cheap!
Hoguera Hernán Cortés: a piece worthy to be in Prof. McGonagall's giant Wizard's Chess (I still have Potter on my mind!).
more chess pieces to complete the picture (I recommend clicking on this one... have you ever played "where's Waldo"? well, not Waldo, but you should recognise someone else!):
"ingredients" for the Hoguera de Calvo Sotelo:


  1. Hi Cris!!! Is it my imagination or are there lots of fiestas "chez vous"? :-) I can't wait to see the party pix!

  2. But of course! Spain is different after all! ;o)

    Actually, each town has one big major party a year, usually in honour of the patron saint. Festivities typically lasting close to a week. But if you're lucky and live in an area with several towns close together then you can join in in all the fiestas (like I did with the Moros fiestas in April)! :o)

    Hogueras actually gets going starting to night because it's Friday, otherwise it's supposed to start on the 20th...

    now if only these damn videos will finish uploading I can publish the post about the Mascleta and go to bed!!! (youtube isn't cooperating)

  3. Wow, it certainly looks like it's going to be a fantastic party. I'm jealous! Looking forward to some more pics.

  4. Now, isn't that Obama and Hillary I see in that pic? Love it!

  5. Someone finally spotted Obama!!! Bravo Ronda!!! I'll put better pictures of him up in the days to come.

    But nope, not Hillary. It's Queen Sophia with six of her grandkids in a basket. This Hoguera has its characters as pieces on a chess board. The Spanish monarchs and the heir to the throne are the black and white kings and queens. Obama is a black Bishop place on a white square (representing his conquest of the White House).

  6. Very cool, I look forward to more pictures.


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